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  1. Never had, or noticed, low battery warning but mine did die and was fully covered by warranty.
  2. We always roll windows down on ramp just in case escape route is needed. If alone, I also use parking brake. We mostly boat on inland lakes so no slimy, slick ramps like coastal ramps.
  3. Slightly different situation but we had flat on truck rear tire with 5th camper hooked to it. We made overnight stop at a Walmart and woke to a flat tire (from puncture in tire where pin pressure caused slow leak down, not a Walmart vandal). Using truck jack and front lifting legs of 5er, I lifted rear tire up and changed it with 5er attached.
  4. Funny...being In Georgia, if it's cold enough to need a snow plow, I know it's tooooo cold.
  5. I've had similar Bluetooth issues and not just with truck. Restarting phone is sometime only fix I've found.
  6. But all the side conversations add to the number of posts which surely make the issue bigger...
  7. Wait...are you saying Toyota had an issue with their vehicles??? Never heard of such. ;-)
  8. Perhaps dangerous on an icy hill but I don't find it annoying in general and it definitely adds a margin of safety in non-icy conditions.
  9. Mine was joke, too, but see now I left the ;-) off end. So, here's an extra one ;-)
  10. Wow...you must be a charter member of the He-Man Women Haters Club!
  11. A CDL is for commercial drivers. I believe some states require a class of license with CDL type requirements for certain size vehicles.
  12. Congrats on new truck and getting a place in the country.
  13. Hook them both to a 7,500lb trailer and see which is sluggish...
  14. Congrats on the baby! They can indeed change your whole outlook on life.
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