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  1. OPEN THE PRIMARY GATE AND INNER GATE - Press the lower button and then upper button on the tailgate consecutively. (from the manual) it won't work if you press them in the other order if you wanted them both open
  2. It does it in my truck as well, I think its so you can see where it is even when the interior lights are dimmed all the way down, my "start/stop" button stays lit dimly even when turned off and lights dimmed all the way. if you press it it will be a brighter green when turned on.
  3. 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 5.3l DFM 8 speed 100miles Got 9mpg towing approx. 4000lb pontoon boat
  4. I just used plastidip, works great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Mufflex has slip on delete pipe and muffler available, they've made them for the rams for years. Just cut at the right spots and slip on the new one
  6. The 19's don't have vaccuum pumps, steering and brakes are electric assist
  7. The 19's don't have vacuum pumps, steering and brakes are electronically assisted
  8. I find every once in awhile it feels like the brakes are dragging or like you described almost like you have a few thousand pounds in the back.
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