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  1. Yes just like the last generation. Bottom cover just pops off. I started at the bottom and worked my way around. Just push the latched so the hooks retraked after you get all the tabs to pop out.
  2. Ran a USB type c cable to the arm rest. Fits my note 10 plus like a glove. Phone will not lay flat plugged in where the wireless charger is so this works much better and is neater.
  3. I love crazy colors on cars. Dodge is really the only company putting out fun colors. I actually like the yellow. GMC had a nice dark orange a few years back I would have loved to have been available for 2020.
  4. 40359 it was around 90 bucks on Amazon and 100 to install.
  5. The stock setup on this truck is far to quiet. I decided to swap out just the muffler and leave in both flappers in order to increase the sound just enough to be enjoyable without being annoying. Over all I'm very happy nice deep tone when accelerating almost silent inside when cruising. https://youtu.be/UVhoKFJFZdI
  6. I ordered a pro xs muffler off Amazon borla muffler 40359. Don't know what line it would be compared to. It was in only 90 bucks so I think it'd a lesser line since I have seen the atak mufflers go for 250. But since I'm under 200 bucks all in I could not be happier.
  7. I recently had a borla muffler swaps in the stock location leaving both Flappers in. I'm glad I did because I can still hear the faintest hint of the strange tone when cruising at low speed and active fuel management kicks in. Over all time very happy with the sound nice deep sound when you get on it but you really can't hear anything when you cruising on the highway. I did not want a constant obnoxious sound just wanted to be able to hear the v8 I paid up for.
  8. I disassembles one of the round samsung chargers and glued it under the tray in my 15. It's wide enough to charge my note 5 and my s7. Tried a 16 at the dealer and had to pull my case of my edge for it to work. The case I use is fairly thin so.
  9. Just an observation my s7 edge is to wide for the 2016 charging pad when in its case.
  10. Well that really blows. Your supposed to be happy and excited when getting a new vehicle. This experience has probably ruined that completely.
  11. It can be frustrating when thinks should just work logically but don't. When connected to Bluetooth all audio from the phones is sent to the car stereo. But if you are not listening to music using Bluetooth you don't hear it. They also have no way to send any other texts then the canned ones.
  12. My ram crew cab was by far the most comfortable best riding truck I have ever been in. I like my gmc but the ride quality is not as good as the ram. Gm has better residual value and lease programs so that is why I now have a sierra.
  13. I like my bakflip vp but one think I find very annoying is having to have the tailgate closed before latching the cover. So every time I drop my tailgate I have to open the cover close the tailgate then close the cover. Doing this with a hand full of tools or bags is a pain in the ass.
  14. Thankfully I have not had many problems and have not needed major warranty repair. But they can't void your warranty for modifications they have to prove they caused a malfunction. I would not worry about it
  15. I have leased 7 cars in the last 10 years all have been modified. Not once had a problem when returning. I have left exhausts on a few of them. My ram had an 18 inch MagnaFlow swap not a problem. I deleted the mufflers on my gto with no problem. Don't repaint it or return it with non stock wheels. They don't like that.
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