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  1. That looks a lot like my SolidFold 2.0. I get a little bit of water at the tailgate and through the seam closest to the gate, but I’m in So Cal and rain is a rare occurrence. After 3 years it’s holding up great. Good luck!
  2. eBay has a couple at a lower price. Search for Solid Fold 83450
  3. I considered all the others like Bakflip etc. but I went with the SolidFold because it doesn’t require a rail so when you remove it there is nothing left on the truck. For the two reasons you mention this lid fits the bill.
  4. I didn't compare the sound between the two, but the JL is less $ and more power. The JL sounds great to me. I'm not a bass freak just wanted good fill in the bottom end the bose didn't have. The GM uses factory harness so it may be an easier install, but you should check into that yourself. Personally I also didn't like the plastic look of the GM but that's just me. BTW if a 10 isn't enough for you, JL also has a 12 that might fit. http://www.jlaudio.com/car-audio-subwoofer-systems-amplified-powerwedge Just realized I posted pictures of my install at the JL review here http://www.jlaudio.com/acs110lg-tw1-car-audio-powerwedge-amplified-subwoofer-systems-93334
  5. The JL Audio I have in my signature does a fine job and is an easy install to fit under the right side rear seat. You WILL need to run separate power from the battery though, so there's that. You will need to get a signal from the rear door speakers somehow as well. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_13693334/JL-Audio-ACS110LG-TW1.html
  6. I have one of these, when flipped inside it keeps small stuff in place. https://www.realtruck.com/amp-research-bed-x-tender-hd-max/R183471P2015Y734MA.html
  7. 2 years later my Extang Solid Fold 2.0 that I bought for my 6.5 foot CC is still going strong. Cons: The pebbly finish has turned slightly duller as I don't do anything special to protect it in the hot So Cal sun. Slight valleys have appeared under the front clamp locations. (They say don't over tighten to avoid this but tight enough to hold will cause it.) Cover is not completely water tight as it gets small leaks during rare heavy downpours around the first fold area. Been this way from the start and I expect any folding cover will get leaks. Pros: Easy to remove and replace by one person. When the cover is removed there are no rails in the way, you get full bed access. Very light weight to open and close. Overall I am pleased with the investment. The quality of the cover predicts it should last a few more years. Even with the extreme sun, heat and UV exposure we get here the rubber parts are still soft and pliable and all other components seem to be holding up well. Coming from a solid fiberglass cover on my previous truck I am grateful not to have to ask for help to remove it, or having to keep the lid tilted up in the air when I needed to carry something taller than the bed sides. https://www.extang.com/p-36824-solid-fold-2-0.html
  8. Took my truck in for the Driver Assist Service Warning (beep instead of shake) issue. They replaced the haptic motor actuators referenced earlier in this thread and it appears to work fine now.
  9. I have the SolidFold 2.0 for a year now. Likes: security and convenience of the lid, light weight for easy handling, able to open/close tailgate without opening lid, no rails to get in the way, ability to open it for 2/3 access to bed with it on, and easy to remove when I need the full bed. Dislikes: has developed slight dips in the top where the front clamps are located, can let in a little bit of water on heavy rain along one side of mid hinge. The dislikes are minor compared to the overall utility and convenience of the lid. Construction is good, but it remains to be seen if it will last as long (13 yrs) as my previous one-piece fiberglass lid from my old truck. I suspect not but if I can get half that time with this one it will be worth the investment. The old one-piece was heavy, cumbersome and hard to remove/store so I will never go back to that design.
  10. My BedRug Mat is working out fine for addressing the rough factory sprayed in liner issues. It is light and easy to remove when I need to carry dirty stuff, but protects my delicate cargo when installed. Since I have a SolidFold cover I did not need to use the Velcro to keep it in place. It was a great investment IMO. https://www.realtruck.com/bedrug-bed-mat/
  11. Haven't taken mine in as the issue is sporadic and haven't had the time. Thanks for the part number.
  12. Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

    I only tested with two bikes and didn't get a picture. Here is a video of it loaded up on a different vehicle
  13. I have been looking for a hitch mounted bike rack with a tilt down feature that will allow me to open the tailgate with it installed. Most that I have seen are either too close to the bumper so even if they tilt they won't let the tailgate open fully, or else are really expensive. I found the Allen Sports model 552RR Deluxe via Walmart dot com that goes for $79 and it checks all the boxes for me. The 552RR has a longer hitch section so when tilted the rack provides a 2 inch plus clearance for the tailgate. "Why do you need a hitch mount bike rack if you have a truck with a bed?" you ask. For trips to the desert or camping the bed is filled with other stuff so the bikes can't just ride in the bed. In this shot my landsailer rides on top of the bed and the bed itself would be full of kite buggies and associated equipment.
  14. Haven't gotten around to it but now that it is starting to warm up again it may become a priority.
  15. I got this message now at just under 8k miles. Will check for a pinched wire before I take it in, thanks.

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