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  1. silveradosid, thanks for the comment but I posted that picture to show I have the basic control panel, not the one with "auto temp".
  2. While diving with a/c on, the fan stopped. (I had the fan speed set to the 3rd spot) I looked for info on why, and a how-to fix, but search results are far and few. Yes, the fan did work again, after i turned the fan speed to max. I'm asking for any DIY fix (maybe a new blower motor or blower fan resistor?). One pic of my HVAC controls. One pic of my ride.
  3. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    I swapped them out, so much better like you said, no more bouncing like a boat! Thanks for all the info again, I did swap front and rear with the ones you have, really happy with the result!
  4. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Great thanks for the info!
  5. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Thanks for the info, i'm looking for an improvement. What front ones do you have?
  6. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    These next holes? Moving this up to the next holes will hit the bed? Sorry for the sideways pics.
  7. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Shackle flip yes. Just took this pic.
  8. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Truck looks great, love the level. I have a 2/4 drop (identical truck as yours), I'm curious on how i can go to a rear drop of 5 as-well. I'm thinking with my current rear drop i can just use a different shock? But not sure if that will work? Q1: What drop kit did you use? Q2: What size are your rear shocks?
  9. Side Mirrors

    Thank you for the info, pgamboa is definitely the way to pursue this. Thanks again.
  10. Side Mirrors

    This is what I want to just plug and play.
  11. I have a 2016 Sierra 1500 SLE. Can I replace my side mirrors with the 2016 Silverado High Country mirrors? Is it a simple plug and play to have the mirror signals light up?
  12. 2014+ Lowering / Drop Kits

    Can you please let us know what wheels and tires you have, they look great. thx. After looking closer... I see what wheels those are, please ignore this post.

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