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  1. I know this is 6 months after I asked the question but I finally pulled the trigger and went with 275/60-20. It wasn't a size thing really but I chickened out on the extra weight of E load tires and bigger losses in MPG's. Here's a pic.
  2. I bought this truck used in August of 2016. It's a 2wd W/T with the new 4.3 V6. When I got it, it was lowered 2" front and 3" rear and had some 17" American Racing Torq Thrust style wheels and a set of the Rally stripes, both put on by previous owner. Recently I decided to change it up so I added some 20" wheels and left it lowered, that was about 6 months ago. Over the past weekend I decided to install the Rough Country 2.5" level kit. I also decided to switch the 275/55-20 Goodyear Eagles and put on some 275/60-20 Yokohama Geolander G015, small change but I really like the look. I figure with it being 2wd those tires would at least give me a better chance in the New Hampshire winters. I've also added tint on the side windows, chrome mirror caps and door handles, and debadged the whole truck. Only thing I may do now is remove the front lower spoiler to make it look taller, and upgrade the stereo since the factory one is god awful. Considering a black tool box as well. I'm pretty happy as is, I may end up removing the tint though, went a little too dark and at night it's hard to see out. Forgot to mention, when lowered on 275/55-20 my front fenders were 34.5" and rear was 36.5". Now with level kit installed and 275/60-20 my front is 40" and rear is 41".
  3. Selling a set of used but in excellent condition Torq Thrust style wheels. 6 lug, they fit all 6 lug Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, ETC. They are 17 x 9" and they have a "0" offset. They come with center caps and the hubcentric rings, but they DO NOT come with lugs or TPMS sensors. Your regular lugs will work with this wheel. I can meet anywhere between Raymond and Portsmouth, selling this set of 4 for $225 firm. Not interested in trades.
  4. $100 shipped takes this now. Rough Country won't take it back and I don't need it.
  5. This is my 2014 RCSB 2wd. Lowered in front with 2" BellTech Spindles, rear is 2" BellTech Shackles and the block removed, about 3" total. 20x8.5" Black Rhino Pondora wheels with 18mm offset. 275/55-20 GoodYear Eagles. Rubs a little bit in reverse, I expected it though. Kind of want to drop it just a little more to get rid of the rake but don't know how to other than removing the helper leaf spring. First is a before shot of the day I picked it up used last year: Second shot is as it sits today after the new wheels and removing the stripe kit, debadge, and tinting it.
  6. Willing to trade for silver or chrome door handles and silver or chrome mirror caps. I have a regular cab so only need two handles.
  7. New in box, never used or removed from box. This is the 2.5" level kit with rear blocks. I've decided not to lift/level my truck after all. It's $150+ shipping new, I'll take $120 shipped. I also have the stock spindles and stock height shackles for the rear leafs if someone needs them shoot me an offer.
  8. I have a 2014 2wd RCSB and the front is lowered with spindles, rear has shackles and the blocks removed. I'm thinking of doing a 1" lowering spring and for the rear maybe doing a flip kit and putting the stock shackles back in. Is that a good way to go? Is there a smarter way to do it? Thanks for any suggestions.
  9. Looking to go a different direction on my wheel choice. They have never been installed, and only 1 has been out of the box so I could take this picture. Only interested in local deals, so this would have to be Southern Maine, Southern NH, or Northern Mass, unless you're willing to come to me. Looking to work a trade for something different, these just aren't talking to me like they were when I bought them. Shoot me some trade offers, I'd really be interested in factory 20" or 22" wheels from Chevy or GMC. I'd sell these for $800 cash as well if you don't have anything to trade. They have center caps and the hubcentric rings. No lugs, no tires, no tpms, etc.
  10. I bought a 2014 RCSB 2wd about 6 months ago. It was lowered but I have the stock parts. I also bought a 2.5" Rough Country Ft+Rr kit with rear blocks and u-bolts. I've ordered 20x8.5" wheels with 18 offset per what I've read here. I've also read that 305/55-20 will fit with my planned level/wheels with minor rubbing at full lock which I can live with. But I know you guys are all referencing 4wd trucks. I've read that 2wd is the same height as the 4wd so my fitments should match. Before I drop $700+ on rubber, is this accurate? If not, I'll settle for some 275/60-20's but if they'll fit I really want 305/55-20's! Thanks for the help guys.
  11. I have a RCSB 2wd 2014 that is lowered 2" front and 3" rear. I am about to order 22x9.5" wheels with 305/40-22. I have the option of 10mm or 25mm offset. I'm guessing both would fit since I have 17x9" with 0 offset right now and the same diameter tires. Is there any advantage to 10mm or 25mm?
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