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  1. Yes my truck has steel control arms. I'm pretty sure you can get your arms changed over but extra $$ spent. Thanks I'm getting it setup better with all the help the board offers.
  2. Ok I got my truck back and this is how it is setting. The kit they used was McGaughy #34170 which shows 3/5 4/6 deluxe drop kit. When I went back to get it the first time they had the bracket mounted in the upper hole position on the bracket and it had a huge rake. I had them change it to the mounting position that it is in now and it has a little rake. What can I do to make it set a little more level?
  3. I emailed them the day you posted this with no response. Thanks for your help though. Bump back to the top... I just spoke to McGuaghy's/Switch and they said it would increase my towing capacity. If that is true it would be awesome because nothing I tow is over 6500lbs
  4. So I have did a flip kit on my truck and have basically killed the towing/hauling aspect. I can't find any information on how much I will be able to tow /haul with the rear air bag helper assist. Is asking to haul a 6000lbs trailer once or twice a year out of the question? What are you hauling with yours with this setup or another helper kit?
  5. So in darths picture that is set for a 5" drop and the other holes would make 6" or 7"?
  6. So if they turn the brackets the correct way and mount them in either set of holes one way I will have a 5" drop and the other a 7" drop is what I'm thinking. At 5" it would have a rake and 7" I would be in the same spot I'm in I believe.
  7. No way!! That is crazy. You have no idea on how much help you guys have been. Giving me these pictures to show them is appreciated very much..
  8. Thanks for your help guys. Now I have cut off the bumpstop mount and put in small stops. I had to take it back to the dealership because it was sitting on the stops. Now it's off them like 1". When they cut them off the rear off the truck set a full inch lower than the front so I told them I wanted it level and they move the rear bracket down all the way and it brought it pretty close to lever. I'm a little confused on how to get the back up another inch or two.Here is how it's setting now...said they had to drill the bracket and frame. Also my shackle measures 4" between bolts so I'm assuming its stock
  9. Here it is bone stock then 3/6 drop. Love the look hate the ride...but I'm working on that part!
  10. Seems to me the rear shackle only has one option for the rear drop which they say is 6"? Does that seem right?
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