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  1. Sorry I've been gone all day, but yes wheels. I'm liking the look of the anthracite in your pic UWMad. Do you have any others? I wont do black, it was played out back in 2001 when I had black wheels on my Honda. I wouldn't mind bronze, but don't see that on the dipyourcar.com site, just vintage gold.
  2. I'm looking to order a diy plasti dip kit, and wanting get opinions on color. My 15' is Tungsten, and I'd like to go with some shade of gray. Plasti dip has a couple offerings, either anthracite, or dark gray. Any Tungsten guys use either of these?
  3. Ryan, great question, I hadn't actually thought of that. On Friday when I spoke with them they said the file had already been closed out, but may be worth a try. That would honestly probably be the bigger win. Hey I see your in Avon, I live in Clayton, we're just down the road from each other.
  4. Lol, yes I should pay you a consulting fee for that response!
  5. I have a dilemma and want to get some insight from you guys. About a week ago the local dealership whom I leased my wifes previous Traverse through called and wanted to know if I would be interested in getting into a new vehicle. Of course I was not optimistic, knowing I still had a little less than a year left on the lease, but I thought wouldn't hurt to go and hear what they have to say. Long story short I got out of the lease by the dealership purchasing the vehicle rather than turning it back into the leasing company. This however is where it gets a little "gray" for me. On the previous Traverse I had an active insurance claim to have some minor door repair done. The door functions just fine, but the hinge had been sprung, and there were a few small "kinks" in the door skin under the window trim from the over extension. I had a check from the insurance co. made out to myself and the body shop I had selected to do the work, less my deductible. I contacted the insurance co last Friday and told them I might be trading the vehicle over the weekend and asked what to do with the existing check if so. They simply voided the old with mine and the body shop name and made a new one out to just me. I had disclosed this to the salesman prior to going to the dealership as well as during the negotiations. He said it was a non issue. He told me they would repair the car at their body shop before they turned it into the lease co., but obviously that is not where the vehicle is going now. I had told the salesman I would bring the check to them when I received it, but neither he or the finance dept. asked for it. All the paperwork is signed, and done, and there is nothing in the verbage notating the check. I still had intentions of taking it to them up until today, but I drove past earlier and my previous Traverse is parked front and center on their lot priced up and ready to sell. It kind of rubbed me the wrong way, thinking they are going to just take the check if I take it to them and the car would not be repaired as needed. I may be completely off track here, letting emotion get in the way, but at the same time I don't believe they should have a vehicle on the lot they said they would repair before hand. What do you guys think? What would you do? Take the check to them, or hold onto it and see if they come knocking? Really there is nothing binding.
  6. I wouldn't buy it for the same reason your friend wants to get rid of it. Yes, it would be a significant upgrade to what you have now, however the potential problems are not worth the risk.
  7. Hey guys I've searched, and really can't find anything on what people with the 4.3 have done for exhaust. Anybody have any sound clips or experience? I'm looking for some sound, and can find plenty on the 5.3, just want to see how much different the V6 will sound.
  8. I saw one the other day in person and had to do a double take, the color really pops in the sun.
  9. I picked up a very nice off of Amazon made by OPT7. It is very bright and has reverse, and turn signals as well. Overall I've been very happy with it.
  10. I had an Edge Evolution in my 04' F150, I liked it for monitoring and it had a decent canned tune, but anymore I think custom is the way to go.
  11. I have this bar and the quality is great. Grab a Curt T connector to plug it in behind the bumper, and splice in reverse and you'll be good to go.
  12. I'm also interested in doing this. Following this post! JRaschke11, I've got that light bar and it has great output in both brake/turn and reverse. Get it with a Curt T connector to wire it behind the bumper, and it is a very nice setup. AaronIROCZ do you happen to know what company makes the HID adapter plate?
  13. I live in Indiana, and during the winter months i go to the local coin op at least once a week if not more to spray down. Just pressure wash it really well. Make sure to hit the wheel wells, and all the nooks and crannies to blast out any grime that is sitting in there. Afterwards hand wash as usual. You'll be good to go.

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