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  1. i also have the Philips 921 and am happy with so far. Never had the JDMs though so cant compare
  2. Tires are Toyo open country AT ll 285/75r17 (says its 33.8") Rims are Method Mesh 17x8.5 0 offset Sent from my iPhone
  3. Yeah no problem, wish I would've looked better to begin with because I was excited to receive them and install and I seen someone say you had to remove the bumper so I started. Just know I noticed with mine, they're not an exact match with the headlights. I ordered a 55w 6500 kit and when I called TRS they said it would match because the 55w you take -1000 kelvins away. the headlights are white but the fogs have a slight blue hue to them. Not enough for me to care, but just letting everyone know that doesn't. Sent from my iPhone
  4. I bought the hid kit for the headlights and the fogs at the same time. It was $180 for the fogs to buy the kit together. I also left those two items in my cart for a few days and they sent me a 10% code as well so I gotta pretty good deal. Sent from my iPhone
  5. I wish I was at home so I could take pictures.. First off I have my plastic valence off. Starting with the driver side, I turned the wheels all the way to the left to make room to pull the fog light out. Then I used a torx to remove 3 screw that hold the carpet liner in place. Then I got underneath and removed 3 size 15 bolts that removed the support. Then I unplugged the fog light and the 2 dart clips on top. I removed (what I think was 5?) size 15 bolts. That whole black metal bracket that holds the fog housing should slide down and out through the side after pulling the carpet liner back. After that it's pretty self explanatory. Just don't forget to transfer the three clips onto the new fog like I did lol. Same process on the passenger side Sent from my iPhone
  6. I still have to get a picture up, (sorry I'm in the process of moving) but I would say it absolutely makes a night and day difference. I would have no problem installing these again. It sucked worse for me because I wasn't paying attention when I was researching and thought it would take 15min, but didn't realize that it was for the Sierra's that made it so easy. For me, I the hids and the fogs at the same time, so I can't tell you how much better they are. I've heard great things as the rigids as well, just didn't have that kind've budget as I got a descent deals with the hids and fogs together... Sent from my iPhone
  7. I can possibly take a picture tonight of them and get back to you on it, photos are never really accurate of light output though
  8. thanks man! i feel like a total tool... i wish i wouldve seen this video before hand. i never switched over the old clips therefore i found the reason why i couldnt get them to fasten securely or adjust them LOL i was able to remove the fog lights without removing the bumper and it took like 30 mins to do. I appreciate it!
  9. As far as Ive read, you will have no trouble with rubbing with the 17's 0 offset and the 285/70s. I cant speak for the 305/55r20's. I even went up an inch and I only had to pull the liners back with a zipty
  10. Yeah I'll try to get a picture when I get home, might be hard to do since they're in the bumper now. What I'm talking about though is there are I believe three(might even be 2) black pegs on the back of the XB fog light itself. I cannot get them to snap in all the way where the factory clips use to go in. Which in turn makes them wiggle like crazy inside the bumper. How did you do it without taking off the bumper? Sent from my iPhone
  11. ah man what a bummer. did you have any issues keeping the fog light tight in the housing.. the black pins just keep popping out of the factory holes and the light just bounces around in the bumper
  12. How did you get them seated? Just pressing the corners of the lens? I'll have to retry when I get home from work. Pretty disappointed for $180 lol Sent from my iPhone
  13. So I installed these the other day on my 15' Silverado and for the life of me I cannot get these to fit tightly in the housing. I thought I had them tight when I installed but the black pins seem to not push all the way through the factory holes.. anyone have any input or had this problem. Removing the bumper was such a PITA and I definitely do not wanna remove it twice. Thanks!
  14. A little late to the topic, but as far as I know, you DO have to remove the bumper and it was a total PITA. I don't think i would do it again. plus, I can figure out how to keep the tabs locked in.
  15. I too am from California and am partial to the lean. I leveled mine front only and was thinking about removing the rear blocks. Its crazy how different the angle is on those two pics. Makes me think removing the block wont even make a difference lol
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