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  1. i'm in the same boat with you, having my dog in the truck all the time. It was a shock to me to find out the truck would not stay running. After reading thru this entire thread I did find the solution.....took about 10 minutes.
  2. Well, yesterday after driving my 2015 Sierra here and there most of the day I parked to take the dog for her walk. 30 min later I started it up to cool it off and the radio was full blast, fortunately the dog was still outside. Turned down the volume and it would go right back up again. Radio continued to work with the key out and the door open, I pushed every button at least twice. Not sure what I did but finally got it off. Now with the dog in the truck all the time I'm afraid to turn the radio on at all. Who knows where/when it will happen again. I called the dealer and he wants to look to see if any codes are present. Other than that ?. My appointment is Friday I'll report back what the dealer did. Never in 35 years of driving have I ever witnessed something like this. Is this a 1 time thing, or has this happened to others multiple times. I'm mostly concerned for my dog..
  3. You could Replace them with Bushwacker extend-a-fender style. That way you get the coverage without the bolts/pockets which really stand out,.
  4. This was the premium wheel of choice back in the 70's & 80's. You know how things always make a return.....
  5. I couldn't either...until I tried them. In my town you just blend in with dark/black wheels. I'm looking for something different. I'll bet the first time someone tried black wheels there was some who thought why? Now its become the normal.
  6. This is the picture I saw that gave me the idea...........
  7. Never thought of the lighter center cap. I saw this wheel and tried to copy it. Its not the same w/out the bead.
  8. The first picture is anthracite gray with black centers. 5 coats, no clear. I liked this color when the sun hit them they really popped. In the shade or cloudy days they looked black. I removed the wheels on both jobs, taped the tires, cleaned wheels really good with degreaser and alcohol. 1st coat covers 25%, 2nd coat covers 50%, 3rd coat covers 75%, coats 4 & 5 go on heavy. Opinions welcome. The second picture is, well, white with black centers. Always wondered what white wheels would look like.
  9. In the second photo I notice the light above the headlight cutoff , IMO the fog lights are aimed to high. fog lights higher than the headlights are wasting light, and shining in oncoming traffics eyes. They even illuminate the second floor of your house. Again, IMO.
  10. I have projectors. If you do not have projectors you should not put HID's in. In that case your best bet would be a LED lightbar and you could wire it so it comes on with your high beams so you don't have to flick a separate switch all the time. That would give you the most light for the buck.
  11. Theretrofitsource.com has a kit for our trucks $170.00 Easy install, great product, excellent customer support. They will answer any questions from start to finish.
  12. If you want good headlights get the kit from theretrofitsource.
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