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  1. So I was doing more research on this and as I have Nav, if the antenna fails then the GPS also fails to work. Well the GPS and my Onstar works fine but no XM radio reception. If someone has a part number for the antenna, that would be appreciated otherwise I'm just contacting the local dealer. Thanks.
  2. I own a 2014 Sierra and over the past two seasons, my satellite radio doesn't work once temps get below 40F. Initially I thought it was the antenna in the first season however when I made a trip down south, once the temp was above 50F my satellite radio would work. Once I drove back north, gone. Before I start replacing things, I just thought I'd ask if anyone else was experiencing similar issues. I've done a search here and on the internet and there is nothing that aligns with the symptoms of what I'm experiencing. I might as well cancel my Sirius subscription from November to April each year. One of the many quirks with this truck (original owner). Cannot believe the amount of recalls on this truck as well and the shifting clunks are unbelievable.
  3. Just noticed the same thing last weekend when I backed a Parker down a ramp. Put my foot on the brakes and didn't slow down. I thought the truck was getting launched at the same time. How pathetic is it that you cannot stop a boat rated just over 60% of the max trailering weight?
  4. Side bar to reading about these problems. I can't help but comment on how shitty GM trucks are. I get that a few trucks may have this problem but looking at the responses, this is another joke of poor design and quality control. I'm at the wits ends on my POS tranny with its hard shifts, clunking, and other garbage.
  5. This happened to a co-workers 2014 Sierra SLT a few months ago. His was the sliding rear window and the passenger side blew out when he was driving down the road. Not sure whether he had his rear defrost on but it was past the warranty period and he paid out of pocket for replacement.
  6. Dodge can change the interior all they want but the exterior still looks like a 2002. Couple that with a box that will maybe last 7 years before it rots from the inside out. My 2006 3500 Laramie started getting blisters after 7 years and it was rust proofed every 2 years. I'd never consider Dodge ever again. The damn front ends last maybe 40 - 60K before you have to replace all the ball joints and control arms. My buddies 2011 2500 has already received a new front end, rear brake calipers (ceased), full brakes, new rad, DPF issues galore, exhaust, and it constantly throws codes. It has less than 100K on it. You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.
  7. I doubt it was Krown coated. I can take pictures of mine (or my buddies) and all the wax coating is still there. I don't have any flaking like yours.
  8. Those GM designers really thought outside the box when they copied Toyota.
  9. I live in Ontario and many trade-ins head south due the exchange rate. As stated before, our winters are no different than those of MI, OH or IL. Definitely less severe than WI, MN or the Dakota's. Frame rust happens anywhere. You'll find most good trucks from ON are Krown treated so they should be in good shape if they are. I've seen more rust on new trucks still on lots than I have on my 2014 which gets treated annually. Cluster really doesn't matter because all I care about is whether it is in the "good" range. Units mean nothing to me. You can contact the MOT in Ontario and get a copy of the Used Vehicle Package which will show how many owners the vehicle had as well as any accident disclosures. If the vehicle had an accident which wasn't reported through insurance, it won't be there (or anywhere else). As far as warranty, check before you buy it if everything is transferred and covered. I bought a truck from West Virginia about 7 years ago and I had some minor difficulty on getting some engine work completed even though the warranty had full coverage in Canada. It took about 2 weeks to clear but still caused enough aggravation for me.
  10. I personally think those look like crap and trying to find a buyer on resale will be difficult unless they come down from the mountains. The only vehicle that looks good in retro is the Bronco. I wonder if they considered the crappy thin airbag less steering wheel, the top model cassette/AM/FM stereo, zero power options, a vinyl clad bench seat and analog gauges. The only thing they still have the same is the rusty frame.
  11. I have a mint 2014 All Terrain that has been rustproofed and both the front and back bumpers are 100% original and without a single scratch on them. Seeing if there is any interest from a fellow board member who wants to change their black bumpers for chrome. Mine have the parking assist and will only trade for equal condition of bumper. I will drive within 4 hours of Toronto (Ontario or New York) to swap these out.
  12. His first post and what an entry. Good thing that his last name didn't start with the previous letter.
  13. I agree with OP regarding reviewing records of a vehicle for mileage however if in this case it is a service record. Service records only show up at the dealership so I would go one more step than just a record from the dealership. I would also request that you receive a letter from GM Customer Service to acknowledge this error and correction as a supplemental record. Anyone reviewing records on this will have sufficient info on the truck. Don't you also have to input the mileage every time you receive new validation tags (if you have them in the US)? In Canada we do and this becomes a record. Also, you must also have all your service records which would validate your mileage up to that point so any potential future buyers would be able to see all that documentation.
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