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  1. 2015 High Country

  2. Clunking in Rear

    Does anyone have a TSB # for the service bulletin relating to this issue? I have had the same clunking that many of you describe, the dealership blamed it on "undercoating"....not sure how that relates to a clunking noise in the leaf springs but i figure reading the TSB will provide more insight
  3. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Wow that looks amazing! Is that your stock honeycomb grill behind the inserts? Are these inserts a bolt on or did you have to modify the main part of your grill? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks guys. ended up popping it back in using a long flat head screwdriver to apply pressure toe the bottom half, carefully snap that in and then the top was much easier. 10 or 12 attempts later it is back in ! Haha, i sugguest anyone checking for pins 9 and 11 do so with a cell phone camera instead of removing this connector from the body side.
  5. This is great news! On this note, does anyone have any tips when re-assembling the x500/x600 connectors? Now that they have been pulled apart i am having trouble getting the body side connector snapped back into place. (can not fit my hand up to apply pressure on the back side).
  6. Awesome! To clarify, the only harnesses i will need to complete the setup are 23342727 and 23342716; these harnesses will provide me with all functions including the turn signals illuminating as running lights, rear facing LEDs acting as cargo lamps, and all my other stock functions, excluding power fold.
  7. First of all, Thank you for all your time, research and input towards fellow forum members in regards to tow mirror installation pgamboa ! I have a 2015 Silverado High Country with DL3s that i am looking to upgrade. I purchased ebay tow mirrors similar to the 1Aauto ones that you guys have been discussing. I am going to consider them DPNs because the are non-powerfold. I couldn't justify spending the extra small fortune for the powerfold option. Anyways, my understanding is that to upgrade from a DL3 with A45, to DPN tow mirrors, i need wiring harness LS#23171564 and RS#23171567. The two of which have been replaced recently by #23342727 and #23342716. They are $75 and $85 from GMpartsdirect.com. This will allow me to enable the amber running lights while driving, and rear facing LEDs while cargo lamps are on. Is this correct? Now, one thing i am unclear about is whether or not i need additional wiring for all my stock functions to work properly. Some talk about this RZY jumper? Am i safer to purchase harnesses from you rather than gambling on GMpartsdirect? Any input appreciated!
  8. Edge programmer. Thoughts?

    I have an edge cts2 tuner on my 2015 Silverado 5.3l high country. It is nice for monitoring everything and definetely looks good in the truck, but the touch screen is a pain in the ass to work on the fly. The street tune is nice, but the transmission shifts are extremely hard to the point that it feels hurtful on the poor thing The edge tuners don't have very many options when making a "custom" tune. You can't customise your transmission shifts, it doesn't have a high idle mode. Long story short, it's a nice tuner visually and for monitoring, but performance wise there isn't very much freedom to change anything and for the $800 that I spent I don't feel that is satisfied me on the performance side of things.
  9. Does the body klift have any effect on the mounting location of your bull bar? Nice rig by the way!
  10. Stock wheels on lifted trucks!

    My '15 High Country on stock 20s for now. 1.5" spacers in the front. 7-9" McGaughys
  11. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    Thanks for the reply! Should have no problem installing these true duals than other than the t-case crossmember
  12. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    Has anyone on here installed true duals? True dual system going on mine next week with 3rd cat delete. Just to clarify with everyone that has removed the third cat, there is no O2 sensor after this cat so no engine codes will be thrown ? Can anyone shed some light on this ? Thanks!
  13. HC2

    7-9" Mcgaughys!
  14. Does anyone have a setup with a backrack and a soft tonneau cover?

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