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  1. I'm running Nitto Ridge Grapplers, 35x12.5 20 at generally 48 psi. I see no need to re-gear. Plenty of power. Decent gas mileage for driving pretty fast most of the time, you know, 420hp ?. 15-16 mpg combined, but mostly short around town driving. I see 18 on the highway if I can stay below 80 mph.?
  2. It won't make sense, but after trying several different remedies I had the tranny flushed. I told the independent mechanic to do the BG's chemical treatment with the fresh fluid. Hasn't had the vibration / shake in over a year. Now I need to knock on wood! If a flush doesn't work you may need a torque converter...
  3. Just started vibrating, very intermittently. Balance, rotated, new tie-rod ends, alignment, etc. 35,400 miles. never had a vibration. One day it started, like driving over a rumble strip, lasts just for a second to a few seconds. Speed & road surface doesn't seem to matter. I can drive 100 miles and it might not do it at all. it might do it within a mile or 2. There is no rhyme or reason sometimes it feels front end related & sometimes it feels like it's through the whole truck. Does this sound like the same vibration problem referred to in this thread to y"all? 2015 Sierra Black Widow, 6 inch Fabtech lift, 35 inch Nitto Ridge Grapplers...
  4. Thanks! 2015 GMC Black Widow with a 6 inch Fabtech lift, 20X10 Black Widow wheels & 35X12.50/20 BFG's. It has the 6.2L, 8 speed with 3.23 rear gear. Purchased new just as it appears.
  5. The noise you hear is the anti-lock brakes working to keep the speed constant.
  6. Florida is as flat as East Texas. I have a 6.2 with 3.23 rear gear turning 35X12.50/20's on a 6 inch lift and feel no reason to re-gear.
  7. I bought mine new from the dealership with a 6 inch Fabtech lift.
  8. Don't forget you can use the tow/haul mode when pulling your boat.
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