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  1. question. did you already have the Airaid MIT on the 5.3 intake ? you are reusing the MIT and it fits ? i have the intake 200-785 .... maybe i'll need a bigger silicone hose / clamp ?
  2. will take it to the dealer, have them measure EVERYTHING against a frand new truck
  3. mine sounds like it was under the steering wheel i'll take off the panel and check where exactly it came from
  4. no pics, should probably have taken some you'd have to ... unhook the tab from the back of that chrome piece it'd be less likely to damage either piece if you just remove everything
  5. it's just a piece of black plastic held by double side tape and a few tabs. you shouldnt break anything if u remove it using a heat gun you'd HAVE to remove that chrome headlight surround before attempting to take that black piece off
  6. I kinda wish they have the swing out door for the extended, so much easier to get stuff in /out of the back seat That said, I went for the crew to get all my back seat space
  7. its off very slightly cant really tell most of the time
  8. i did it on my 2015 http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/183462-blacked-out-grill/ dont know how it'd look on a 2016
  9. how much is one of those going for (with the manual)
  10. remove headlights those chromes trims are taped on with double side tape use a heat gun to go around it and rip it out (carefully) some taps break easily so be careful
  11. 30% off msrp is difficult but doable Just use that as a benchmark
  12. if you can DIY sure i dont have a spray gun i went with line-X i didnt want to mess it up lol
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