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  1. Having owned a fantastic Duramax for 8 years, I sold my 33 foot Fifth wheel and bought a 5000 pound double slide Arctic Fox. I needed the payload that the 6 gasser gave me over another Duramax so I did research , know a few people that love their 6 gassers so I ordered my High Country with the 6.0. Three years later, no regrets, my 6 moves my 13000 pounds up an 8 % Grade at 60 mph, No problem, great reliable motor. A 1500 with a 5.3 will never tow as good as a HD, The HD has 4:10 gears and better brakes. There is a reason an HD has a higher tow rating than a 1500. Either way you can't go wrong, the 6 or Duramax will both work for you. To really justify a diesel you need to tow heavy or be a very high mileage driver. Best of luck.
  2. I love my 2016 High Country and so glad they never ruined the looks of the 2020 High Country. The ugly " CHEVROLET" stamp on the front of the LT screams CHEAP. I like the looks of present day LTs, so sad that GM is forcing people to go to a higher trim to get a good looking truck.
  3. Yes, no problem, 60 miles 1000 over tow rate , that is no concern IMHO. My 08 Silverado dually was over 2000 pounds overweight with my double slide Arctic Fox camper, the truck handled great and I was still ok on tire ratings. Braking was just adequate. My 2016 Dually has a ton of extra payload and handling is also great and the brakes are superb with the camper on so I am thinking that was probably the upgrade that raised payload so much. Hauling 2000 pounds overweight is not a good idea, towing 1000 pounds overweight is no big deal IMHO.
  4. The higher trim lines, SLT and Denali are only available in a Crew Cab as are some options. in 2016 when I ordered my truck a sunroof was only available in a Crew Cab, so the bottom line is , the most expensive trucks are Crew Cabs.
  5. The V8 diesel may not have worked out for the heavy trucking industry but it has been a resounding success in the pickup world. ] On May 9, 2007, DMAX announced the production of the 1,000,000th Duramax V-8 diesel at its Moraine facility.[1]
  6. Why would you compare a 2500 to an F150. You should compare a 1500 to an F150,
  7. i had the auxiliary trailer option on my 2008 and 2016 Silverado 3500 trucks and in both trucks the wires were bundled up under their front of the bed on the driver's side. I installed a trailer plug on the side of the bed on both trucks. This worked for my Fifth Wheel and my slide in camper and keeps the factory bumper plug available for towing. The auxiliary wiring harness is an option and not on every truck.
  8. I have been using fanatasic Fumoto valves for almost 20 years on my vehicles and the last 10 years on my kids cars that I service. I used to use a small hose clamp on the valve body , now the latest one I bought for my 2016 Silverado comes with a plastic safety clip that seems to work well. If I was an extreme off road guy I would stick with the hose clamp in case a freak branch might catch the valve in such a way to open it. I find service managers at some dealers to be borderline nut cases. i bought my wife a new 2015 Mazda 3 and when I told the service manager I was going to do my own oil changes, he went into a horse and donkey show that you would not believe. He started chanting " don't do your own oil changes " over and over again. I change the oil on our Mazda with a Fumoto valve in place and if I ever need warranty work I will never go back to the dealer with the nut case service manager. GM dealers have never hassled me about changing my own oil, another reason I like dealing with them.
  9. I had an 2008 Duramax dually for 8 years , an awesome truck and I pulled a 33 foot Montana Fifth wheel , loaded up that Fifthwheel was 12000 pounds. I decided to sell my Fifth wheel and bought an Arctic Fox camper that weighs 5000 pounds loaded up. My 08 Duramax Dually handled the camper fine but was a ton over it's payload. I wanted to stick with a GM truck so I ordered my 2016 Dually High Country. The 6.0 gas gave me an extra 760 pounds of payload in a CC 4X4" every model is different but gas engines let you haul more, Diesel engines let you tow more. My 2016 Dually has 2000 pounds more payload than my 2008 Dually, quite an improvement. The payload increase was my only reason to go gas. On a factory order, I could have got the same truck with a Duramax in the LT model for less money than my 6.0 gas High Country. So far I love my 6.0 gas, all the power I need hauling my 5000 pound camper. No problem pulling a steep grade at 60 mph with a total weight of over 13000 pounds. The Duramax hauling the camper got 14 miles to the Imperial gal, the 6.0 will do 11 mpg. No question the Duramax had way more power but my 6.0 is more than ample for my needs. I love the cheap oil changes on my 6,0 i don't have to deal with diesel exhaust fluid, soot filter problems and I don't have a big ugly deisel exhaust tank hanging down. If I ever went back to a big Fiver and GMC tucked its DEF tank up where you don't see it, I would probably get another Duramax. I was a slow learner, I drove Ford trucks for 33 years before a lemon 6.0 Powerstoke Diesel drove me to buy my 08 Duramax, l am now a solid fan of GM HD pickups. I love the ride and handling of the IFS suspension over the bone crushing straight axles that Ford and Ram put on their HD trucks. Good luck in whatever you choose.
  10. Hi, I put stableloads on my Dually so my 5000 pound camper does not make the truck squat. They are much better than air bags which I had on several previous trucks. The stable loads do make your truck ride rougher when unloaded as they engage the overloads all the time. Possibly that is what is making your truck ride a little harsh.
  11. Nice looking truck, I like white trucks, on my second one. I don't like the white rear fender wells they send out on the white trucks. As soon as my factory order came in , I sprayed my rear white wheel wells with black plastidip. They match the truck's front wheel wells now and really improved my truck. Mine is a Dually and had more white paint showing than a SRW and the first time you went through a puddle the wheel wells behind the tires looked terrible. Enjoy that Fantastic heavy duty gas engine, the 6.0 might be a little thirsty but rock solid and a real work horse. i liked my 08 Duramax, went with the 6.0 to pick up the extra 700 pounds of payload on a Dually and will not go back to a Duramax Dually unless they match the payload of the 6.0 gas, and get rid of the ugly Diesel Exhaust tank hanging down below the truck.
  12. Back in 2008 my Silverado LTZ came with remote start and my 2016 High Country also got the remote start as part of that trim. I know the companies watch the competition and possibly Ford or Dodge charges extra for remote start because I know when I sold Fords in 2010 the high trim models did not have remote start. The 2010 Ford Escapes even went back to drum brakes in the rear only because their competition had stuck with drum brakes in the rear. It was embarrassing when a customer came in with an older Escape with disc brakes all around and asks why the new ones went back to drum brakes . I had to tell them this story how the companies try to keep costs in line with the competition.
  13. No problem,, your original reply was right on the money and inspired me to give my rather long winded reply. Thanks for your comments.
  14. In a 2016 CC Dually like mine, the 6.0 gives you 760 pounds of extra legal payload over the same truck with a Duramax . I have a 5000 pound slide in camper so my rig weighs over 13000 pounds and I wanted to stay legal and no regrets going with the 6.0. My 6.0 loaded up can pull over 60 MPH with the camper on going up an 8 % grade, so all the power that I need. People are always trashing the power of the 6.0 and compared to the amazing torque of the newer diesels, they seem pretty tame. Old timers like me remember when you went with a big block gas engine to get the highest tow rating . In 1988 I bought a new Ford F-250 with the so called venerable 460, king of the hill in those days. That 460 was a complete dog compared to my 6.0 and used about 40 % more fuel to produce 30 % less power. Gas engines have come a long way. I loved my 2008 Duramax that I pulled a 33 foot Fiver with and if I ever go back to a big fifth wheel , I will get another Duramax, they are great engines, but for hauling heavy loads, the 6.0 is just fine. Towing heavy, you need the diesel.
  15. I have an iPhone SE which does not have the wireless charging but I bought a wireless charging device that was a thin pad that fits in the iPhone case and a charge pad you place the phone on. That worked OK at home but when I tried it on my truck console, it was very finicky and really more of a PITA than a benefit. It took longer to find the sweet spot that started the battery charge than it did to just plug it in and leave it safely inside the console, better than putting it on the charge pad that would would allow the phone to go flying in an accident or a hard breaking situation. I think the charge pad on my 2016 Silverado is a poorly thought out addition and I would give it a fail. It is the only thing I really do not like about my truck,
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