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  1. The speed limit sign are very inconsistent. I have a data plan on my GMC, so it isn't an issues of not having the data. Sometimes I will drive for 20 minutes or more before the speed limit sign starts showing any data. Otherwise, I miss the lock/unlock button on the rear doors as well as the footwell lighting my 2022 Tahoe had.
  2. One thing I don't understand about the programming on the trucks is why the interior lights and puddles lights don't come on as you walk up. My 2022 Tahoe Z71 would turn on the interior lights as I got close to the vehicle (not the puddles lights unfortunately) before I unloacked it, but my '22 AT4X does not. I'm also missing the footwell lighting and the glovebox light that was mounted to the lid instead of lower in the glovebox. The Tahoe also had a small sliding door to the right of the center stack for sunglasses as well as an unlock button for the rear doors. I like my new truck, but it feels like there were a number of corners cut considering the $80k asking price.
  3. Last week I picked up my AT4X that has been on order for months. Today, I noticed that the piece of padding and gloss black trim that juts out below the infotainment screen and above the climate controls flexes a lot when you push on it on the end closest to the driver. I didn’t see anything lose, but the amount of flex makes me think a mounting point is either loose or broken. Has anyone else noticed this issue?
  4. I agree regarding the engineering. According to Icon their upper control arm will the clear the factory wheel AND tire combo, but if you upsize the tires all bets are off. I went from the 275/55 stock size to a 275/60 and it rubs a little. The coil overs ride good, but they are not a lot softer than the stock Z71 shocks. On small bumps you really don't notice a big difference. On the bigger stuff is where the digressive valved shocks show their stuff. Big hits that used to jar the whole truck now get absorbed well. The truck still stays pretty flat through corners and brake dive is only a little more than stock. Basically, if you want a ride that is just a little softer than stock and still gives you stock handling then the Icons are a good option.
  5. I'm not really interested in running spacers. I think I will try a 20x9 wheel with +18 backspacing and see if that will give me the extra clearance I need unless I can adjust the alignment enough to clear the OEM wheels. I only rub at full lock so I don't need much. I want to stick with a 20" wheel since I already have new 275/60-20s on the truck at this moment.
  6. A few weeks back I installed an Icon stage 2 kit on my '15 Sierra CC 4x4. I was hoping to to be able to stick with my stock wheels and run 275/60-20 Terra Grappler G2s. However, I'm having rubbing issues with this set up. Initially both the tire and clamped on wheel weight were hitting the Icon control arm on the driver's side so I switched to adhesive wheel weights and now just the tires rubs at full lock on both sides. I'm going to play with the alignment a little to see if I can make the factory wheels work, but if not I will need to find some new 20" wheels for my truck. With the research I have done it looks like a 0 offset should clear no problem. My only concern with a 0 offset is the tires sticking out past the fender. I'm not sure if a +18 or +20 offset would give me enough extra clearance to work as I'm not exactly sure how much different these offsets are from stock. I feel like if I could push the wheels out about 1" per side I should get plenty of clearance on the new control arms. Can someone give me guidance on what offset I should be looking for to give more clearance for the control arm without pushing the tire too far out? I don't want to spray the whole side of my truck every time I drive through a puddle. I would also be interested in wheel suggestions that are high quality and fairly conservative in style. I will likely go with black wheels if I go aftermarket.
  7. I like the tires just fine. They look good and I didn't notice a huge hit in performance, but acceleration was slightly affected. They are a little louder than the factory tires. Gas mileage went down about a 1/2 mile per gallon.
  8. There is a Youtube video that shows how to do it. The video is about fixing the dash rattle common in these trucks. Basically, you remove the A pillar trim on both sides of the truck and then the top dash trim piece pries out. There are push clips across the front edge of the trim piece that you pop out and then you just lift the trim up and away from the window. The speaker grills are part of the trim panel, and you will need to twist and remove light sensor in the middle. I hope that helps.
  9. I opted to go with the Nitto Terra Grappler G2 mostly based on weight. I really like the look of the BFGs, but they are about 10lbs per tire heavier and I didn't want the extra unsprung weight for a truck that is on-road most of the time. I should have them by the end of the week. Thanks again for all the recommendations.
  10. I agree that this is a good opportunity to have a retrofit done. I had my '15 GMC lights opened up and FXR HID projectors fitted. The retrofitter sealed everything up nicely and offered a 5 year warranty against issues such as fogging. I've only had the conversion for a few weeks, but so far everything has worked well and the light output is way better than stock.
  11. I have the same gears on my truck. I really like the look of the BFGs and the lower MPGs aren't a huge deal. I just don't want my truck to feel a lot slower once I'm done because I both increased the tire diameter and the tire weight. I will research all the recommended tires. I appreciate all the responses.
  12. I ordered the Icon stage 2 kit which includes upper control arms for my '15 Sierra 1500 4x4 with the Z71 package. I not only want to level my truck but also improve the ride over crappy roads. The shop I am using had to order the kit from Icon so it will be a few weeks before I get the system installed. I will post a follow-up review once I get everything installed.
  13. In your experience, was the added weight of the BFG AT Ko2s noticeable?
  14. I have had my 2015 GMC 1500 SLT 5.3 4x4 for about a year now. Recently I decided to do some mods beyond the spray in bed liner, LED bulbs and window tint I did right after buying the truck. The first major mod I did was getting the headlights rebuilt with FRS 3.0 HID projectors and adding the Morimoto XB fog lights. Today I ordered the Icon stage 2 suspension kit to both level out my truck and hopefully soften the ride of the factory Z71 suspension just a bit. The kit will go on in about 3 weeks when all the parts arrive. Now I'm looking at tires. I have read through some of the treads here and have come to the conclusion that I want to go with the 275/60r20 size on my factory 20s to help minimize the negative performance affects of larger tires. I have a long commute so I will be racking up a lot of highway miles. My truck goes off-road just a few times each year for hunting and camping trips so ultimate off-road performance is not as big a deal as good on-road manners. Also, my most recent previous trucks were diesels (Ford 6.7) and the Ford 3.5 Ecoboost so I already feel like the 5.3 is a little sluggish. Finally, I like the look of the factory wheels so I do not plan to swap those for something lighter or of different size. Here are my questions. Which AT tire will give me a good look and a good highway ride without adding a ton of weight? I have looked at the Nitto Terra Grapplers as they come in a P rated tire which is a little lighter than a LT tire. I have also looked at the BFG AT2s, but those are only available as a LT tire and are heavier. Will the added weight of an LT tire be noticeable? I wouldn't mind the added puncture resistance of the LT tire if it won't kill my on-road performance and ride. I appreciate any insight that can be provided.
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