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  1. The only issue I've had is my leaf springs settled some and allowed my rear end to become loose. Springs weren't part of the lift but ubolts didn't have enough threads to tighten it back up. Had my shop order a different set. Didn't ask where they got them, but everything is fine now. I didn't upgrade shocks and it's a little stiff, so I'll be upgrading soon.
  2. Currently running 35s with 6" pro comp. Anybody running 37s or have opinions on what I need to do to run 37s?
  3. Currently running a 6" pro comp lift with 35s. Anybody know how much body lift I would need to run 37s? Or have any other options to get needed height?
  4. Little back ground. I own a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 with a 6 inch procomp lift running on 35s. Recently noticed that my truck is intermittently having issues with the steering wheel being out of alignment and pulling to the right during acceleration. Just yesterday I left work and noticed again that my steering wheel was slightly canted to the left a few degrees. As I pulled onto the highway and accelerated my truck pulled to the right so of course I started to test it out. Conclusion is that while going down the highway and accelerate hard my truck pull hard right and when I come off the gas the back end sways back and forth until truck straightens out. Whole process under hard acceleration is borderline uncontrollable. Normal driving it is manageable, but still very noticeable. Like I said this symptom comes and goes with no reason and never happens mid drive. If its going to be off it is that way when I start the truck. The next time I get back in the truck it may be completely back to normal, as it was this morning. The new development yesterday was that I live on an old country road. The type that you don't miss potholes you just pick which ones you'd rather hit. Anyways last night as soon as I hit my first couple pot holes the steering wheel when back straight and my truck no longer pulled to the right during acceleration. Can anybody help I'm kind of confused and frustrated as I know it will be a pain to recreate the symptoms at the dealership if the truck doesn't want to cooperate. Locked Hub? 4wheel drive works and I have no abnormal noises. Suspension issue? struck isn't sagging on either side. Any help is appreciated thanks!
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