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  1. Good to know. Thanks for sharing. I'm hoping someone will let me know if it's worth the upgrade to the DSC since idk how much they actually adjust. The research I've done says 25% difference between highest and lowest settings for both high and low speed compressions. I guess the best part is that you can always upgrade the reservoir later to the DSC but I don't know how difficult that is.. might be worth the $300 just to try it! A small cost when the price tag is $2000 for the set. Whew!
  2. To clarify: the low speed compression is more like rock crawling and the high speed compression is more like baja racing correct? Does the DSC adjuster make a big difference between highest and lowest setting for each or would you say it's OK to get the standard resi for $300 less? Thanks for your reply man. Truck looks sweet!
  3. Any updates m3n00b? I bought my truck with a 6" Fabtech lift kit on it and the extension on the rancho bugs the shit out of me. Upgrading shocks is one of those things where I'd rather do it right the first time rather than throwing $1,000 in the trash. Thinking the 6" Fox DSC coilovers would be awesome, but I've never even ridden in a truck that had foxes on them, just see them all the time. Let us know what you think of the upgrade!
  4. Fatwill07


    What exhaust you running man? Got any videos of how it sounds?
  5. Nice Build dude. Please post a video with the sound of that Borla when you get it installed! I too have the 5.3 1500 Crew/Short and exhaust is one of my future projects. All the YouTube videos seem terrible in depicting true sound on our exact model. Keep up the good work man!
  6. Fatwill07

    Truck 7

    Hey man what window visors do you have? I've been trying to find the brand that doesn't bulge out like a gigantic bubble from every window and these look like they may be them. Or it might be the camera angle still.. Let me know how you like 'em! (Shoot me a PM if you can.. I might lose this pic and I don't know if the forum will inform me if you also comment on it). Thanks man!
  7. Sweet idea on the inverse plasti dip in the front man. Love that. When I start to dabble in plasti dipped things this is going to be one I'll try. I have the emblem that isn't chromed looking, but I'll share pics when I finally get around to it. Thanks for sharing!
  8. This is it, exactly.. any idea on how I tie into the factory puddle lights on the mirrors? An entire day on the forums to no avail?! Sounds like I'm gonna have to do some wire following to the engine. Lol Thanks but yea I've got those settings enabled. I just want MORE light for approach. Mostly for approach of the vehicle - to have a full 360 degree view on the ground to make sure nothing snuck up on me! But also for beach and trail crawling. It's a really nice feature to have when you really want to see the terrain when you get out at night. Google search the LED Rock Light Kit that blwright mentioned.
  9. New to the forums after years of using them as a resource. Just got my 2014 Z71 1500 a few weeks back, used, and there's only a few more things I want to do to it to make it mine (famous last words). For this topic though, I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with tapping into the under-the-mirror lights that turn on when you unlock the vehicle. I want to tie into them and have fender lights that come on as well, hopefully with matching white-light to really brighten up not just by the doors, but all around the vehicle. Seems easy enough, following the wire back and clamping into it, but I'm no electrician and I was also hoping there some way I can turn the fender lights on manually as well, without having the door open or having hit the unlock button on the remote.. Also, I'm thinking it would be awesome now to have it on every time I unlock the truck, but would there also be a way to turn the feature off, to where it would just go back to only the mirror lights? I'm guessing I would need a second power source, and some sort of 4-way switch. Any suggestions very welcomed. Thanks!
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