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  1. Alright well BDS is saying that I can't use these shocks on my Fabtech lift kit, which makes sense in retrospect. Looks like I'll be throwing another $1500 at this project asap. Which leads me to my next question: Are you having any issues with those Fuel Vectors? I'm showing the 18x9s having 5.75" of backspacing and the 17x8.5 Method 701s I just bought a couple months ago have 4.75" backspacing... I'm guessing you don't have any spacers? I'll probably be making another call to BDS today, lol. It's worth the money to get proper ride height and that splash guard which clearly does it's job! Thanks for staying in contact man.
  2. Did you get any answers from BDS? I just installed the same on my pre-installed fabtech lift and it too seems to be squatty in the front. Looking for measurements for threads above collar as I'm probably going to have to rent the coilover spring compressor from auto zone and take them back off to adjust them for proper ride height. it's so low that my CV axles are slanted upwards towards wheel which is inevitably going to cause problems if I don't address it soon! EDIT: Found out from BDS that these coilovers don't work with fabtech's components like I thought based off of extended and compressed lengths. Looks like I'm gonna have to find a weekend to take everything off and install BDS stuff hahaha
  3. What do your CV axles look like? I have about the same amount of threads showing on the shock, and at about the same height, but mine's taller in the back i think (hard to tell with your rears stuffed, but it looks awesome lol) and my CV axles are definitely angled upward as if it's not riding level... I'm guessing you didn't have to adjust the preload on the springs when installed? I'm going to try calling fox or bds today and see if they'll help me out.
  4. It's definitely stiffer. I'm not sure if it's the 2.0 shocks or the leaf pack but its not uncomfortable at all. Hey m3n00b I just put the coilovers on my truck and realized how much it lowered it in the front. If you don't mind letting me know what the measurement of the shock threads you have showing from the black collar to the black top of the shock is, and maybe what your ride height is at in the front and back from level ground to wheel wells? I bought these things thinking they were adjustable on the truck but now I'm seeing that the spring, and thus ride height, has to be adjusted with the coilover off of the truck. What a PITA when it comes to trying to get the ride height right with weight.... Might have to give in and take it to a shop that's willing to work on it. I need new tie rods anyway, and maybe they'll be willing to cut me a deal if I get the leaf pack and rear shocks done at the same time. Beginning to think I should have bought an all new lift kit with install, lol..
  5. Congrats! Sounds awesome man! I had to wait a month for my kit to ship. I also went with the leaf pack as the block just seemed like a cheese ball way to lift the back. Do you think that rear leaf pack is why it's so stiff? You have fox shocks with the DSC as well on the rear, or just the 2.0 standard shocks? I put a half yard of sand in the bed for landscaping around the house and squatted like a mid-size so I'm pretty sure the leaf pack is the way to go! Yes, I know we're not in 2500/3500 but it seems silly to have a half ton truck that can't haul a half ton.
  6. No worries, timing couldn't have been more perfect because after months of researching off and on I finally pulled the trigger on the DSC reservoir from Fox with the 6" lift. I purchased through Lift Kits 4 Less at a pretty awesome discount so I'm not expecting any miracles to happen with shipping speeds, etc. but I saw enough positive reviews that I figured I'd take the chance getting them through their site. I'll update when I get them put onto the truck. The next thing I've noticed is that my leaf springs in the back keep slipping and turning out from being perfectly aligned, I'm thinking because of the add-a-leaf design that doesn't add back a bracket to keep them in place so I'll be looking at the upgraded spring kit that doesn't require the 5/6" block on the rear axle. Then I'll probably be getting the shocks for the back as well. It's just a 2014 with 63k miles so I'm wanting to smooth everything back out before it shakes itself to death. Plenty of miles left to live, and I love that you can just rebuild the shocks once they start to go out. Should last a lifetime!
  7. Good to know. Thanks for sharing. I'm hoping someone will let me know if it's worth the upgrade to the DSC since idk how much they actually adjust. The research I've done says 25% difference between highest and lowest settings for both high and low speed compressions. I guess the best part is that you can always upgrade the reservoir later to the DSC but I don't know how difficult that is.. might be worth the $300 just to try it! A small cost when the price tag is $2000 for the set. Whew!
  8. To clarify: the low speed compression is more like rock crawling and the high speed compression is more like baja racing correct? Does the DSC adjuster make a big difference between highest and lowest setting for each or would you say it's OK to get the standard resi for $300 less? Thanks for your reply man. Truck looks sweet!
  9. Any updates m3n00b? I bought my truck with a 6" Fabtech lift kit on it and the extension on the rancho bugs the shit out of me. Upgrading shocks is one of those things where I'd rather do it right the first time rather than throwing $1,000 in the trash. Thinking the 6" Fox DSC coilovers would be awesome, but I've never even ridden in a truck that had foxes on them, just see them all the time. Let us know what you think of the upgrade!
  10. Fatwill07


    What exhaust you running man? Got any videos of how it sounds?
  11. Nice Build dude. Please post a video with the sound of that Borla when you get it installed! I too have the 5.3 1500 Crew/Short and exhaust is one of my future projects. All the YouTube videos seem terrible in depicting true sound on our exact model. Keep up the good work man!
  12. Fatwill07

    Truck 7

    Hey man what window visors do you have? I've been trying to find the brand that doesn't bulge out like a gigantic bubble from every window and these look like they may be them. Or it might be the camera angle still.. Let me know how you like 'em! (Shoot me a PM if you can.. I might lose this pic and I don't know if the forum will inform me if you also comment on it). Thanks man!
  13. Sweet idea on the inverse plasti dip in the front man. Love that. When I start to dabble in plasti dipped things this is going to be one I'll try. I have the emblem that isn't chromed looking, but I'll share pics when I finally get around to it. Thanks for sharing!
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