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  1. I am running headers , true duels X Pipe with flowmaster FX mufflers , mine isn't loud , but nice deep tone. Low RPM cruise had a bit of some drone , wasnt too bad , radio covered it... AFM tuned so no V4 .... After re gear for 4.56 ... no drone at all cruising at higher rpms . I am considering a change to Borla ... these FX are cheap but have a decent sound
  2. Ahh... lol so it happened to you as well.... Yeah so far 4 key cycles and hasn't run high pressure again so yea I'm calmed down !! Thanks for the info!
  3. I run 5W30 in the Texas heat. Agreed , would expect lower pressures if pump was goin out. Well , on commute home today my driving pressure was back down to it's normal range at 40..... Hmph... Dunno.... runs great , Either .. A. something was trapped in an orifice creating higher pressure B. PUMP is on the way out C. Sending unit acting up....
  4. 1 slow , with the new maf the idle is good now , no more lean code... seems fine I agree my oil pressures are normal at 30 idle and 40 running , been that way for a while. It's that after changing the maf and coolant thermostat this morning now my driving oil pressure stays constant at 60. Makes no sense......
  5. 2015 , 5.3 6speed 83,000 miles ,headers , 4.56 gears , trans thermo delete , BBP tuned within first 8,000 miles or so. Truck is daily driver , some towing. Oil changed every 5000 miles. Currently using Amsoil SS. All other fluids serviced as needed. Has been a great truck!! I have 2 strange events. 1. Ac condenser failed. When replaced and ac charged up , within 30 minutes the truck would not idle correctly. It oscillated from 500 rpm too 900 , back and forth. Scan code showed lean bank 1 , po71 Pulled MaF , cleaned , idle relearn , problem cleared up. For about 2 weeks I noticed it would now start idling slightly higher than normal on random days. So decided to replace the sensor. Today replaced it.(correct one verified ) Today also changed out coolant fluid. Doing so I also replaced the thermostat with a 192 degree. First thing I notice today when driving is my oil pressure has changed significantly. Idle is normal but slightest tough of pedal it jumps to 60 and stays there at any light throttle position. Before the mods today my pressure when hot idles at 30 , Driving pressure 40 . I dont see how changing the MAF and the thermostat would have any effect at all on the oil pressure ? It's a 2 stage pump , mechanical, nothing electronic should have an effect on it. Just coincidence?? Or am I missing something here ? Appreciate any input ...
  6. I asked Black Bear about this , my 2015 is on the list for the update. BBP told me to load the stock file , after receipt of the software update then record a read file , send it in to BBP and they add the update to my custom tune.
  7. You wont have an issue. I did the same when I went to 4.56 I dropped the front drive shaft out as a precaution
  8. I went with Revolution Gears. They have a 2 year warranty... and believe they actually make the ones for Yukon... not sure , but the revolutions were about $275. Cheaper ...
  9. Mine was around $2,100. Without needing a new carrier .
  10. 4.56 , was the second best mod I've done
  11. I hit 81,000 miles on my 2015... condenser failed just where the tsb says they fail... I purchased a new one around $120. It has a 2 year warranty. I didnt want to chance the $$$ factory one .
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