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  1. You wont have an issue. I did the same when I went to 4.56 I dropped the front drive shaft out as a precaution
  2. I went with Revolution Gears. They have a 2 year warranty... and believe they actually make the ones for Yukon... not sure , but the revolutions were about $275. Cheaper ...
  3. Mine was around $2,100. Without needing a new carrier .
  4. 4.56 , was the second best mod I've done
  5. I hit 81,000 miles on my 2015... condenser failed just where the tsb says they fail... I purchased a new one around $120. It has a 2 year warranty. I didnt want to chance the $$$ factory one .
  6. Yours looks right. mine is a 4.5 zone with the bds 4-6 2.5 coilovers. Slightly adjusted up. Center hub to fender measures 29 .
  7. That will learn me to say (ANY) insight would be appreciated
  8. Hey Nasty , what's the scoop on the cognito UCA ? I am geting close to changing mine out and the cognito is one I have been considering. Any insight much appreciated.
  9. I'm sure if you had an issue later on , dealer would use it against you.... I set mine up the same way... cut the mid pipe before the 3rd cat , ran 2 2.75 pipes , 1 X pipe , straight out back with 2 Flowmaster FX series mufflers .... Sounds great...
  10. So you did a burn out and damaged your truck ? Disabled traction control before burnout ?
  11. Hit 80,000 miles and springs started the creaking..... I intended awhile back to change them out anyway but held off. May revisit that now...
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