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  1. Yeah the XR is louder for sure... I'm about to add the XS to my set up , been tough getting the right sound without drone or rattling windows ... this will be my 3rd muffler change .... smh
  2. Factory lower control arms are $151. Each Greasable mog ball joints are around $55. Ea
  3. BORLA Pro X has the correct configuration you need. Summit racing has the best price.
  4. Might use a scanner and see what codes come up. 4 wheel drive system over heat I would think... would have to be the transfer case oil temp ??? I am not aware of a temp sensor in the T case.... but ... hmmm this is a new one....
  5. 4.11 gears

    6th gear on 6L80e ratio is .67 So with .. 4.56 gears , 35 inch tires 75 mph = 2200 rpm. 4.11 gears = 1983 rpm 3.73 gr = 1799 3.42 gr = 1650
  6. 4.11 gears

    Good thread ... my next mod is gears as well.. I'm already tuned so easy adjustment when regear takes place ... I'm trying to decide between 4.10 vs 4.56
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    I must say... Very nice bro! Might I ask how the lower bjs are holding up? I been eyeing that brand in particular for lowers in the future. Thanks... I found about a week ago my lower ball joints are fried... the uppers are good.... I suppose it's time for them to start getting lose... 74,000 miles , lifted heavy tires ..... Truck drives a straight line ... but between my last tire rotations notice some tire wear. Went in for alignment check and found lower BJ on both sides were worn. Prolly will be replacing them next week. I'm waiting for my driver side output shaft to come in.... hopefully next week. ... I had been hearing a growl from the front diff.. turns out it is the out put shaft bearing... I got the bearing and seal... just waiting on gm for the shaft.... Luckily I found it at same time as the ball joints since I can do it all at once ....
  8. No , but my pressures have been higher than what they are now. Have slowly been decreasing. I checked on here about others pressure , and my boss just bought an 18 ,his are same as mine.... but I dont like how high it kicks up on fast shifts sometimes.... it isn't consistent....
  9. Bilstein shocks thread

    That's correct , that's the assembly on my garage floor
  10. Hey pete , you have Black bear autocal right ? If so ya might check and see if it list the same code as dealer says they found....
  11. Just went and scanned mine for codes , none found. Pete you could try a flush and oil change and see if it frees up....
  12. Went back to first post... I seen your mileage... If not comfortable doing at home , might find a shop with better labor rates than dealer .

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