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  1. 2014+ Gas Mileage (MPG) Topic

    Nahhh , the 91 tune will net a slightly better result
  2. Lol... it's possible with those 4:56 gears he's running...
  3. An additional leaf helped me out , was happy with it
  4. I didnt get the DSC , just the standard 2.5 .. Yes , driving slow , bumps , pot holes , slow shock movement is a little stiff... Driving at speeds hitting dips and crossing intersections, RR tracks and stuff is where these shocks really shine.
  5. I'm running the 4-6 Fox 2.5 on mine and love it. The low speed compression is a little stiff but the high speed is sweet.
  6. Super 10 dual exhuast

    I have a 5.3 , dual exhaust as well.... I'm currently running the flowmaster Fx , very crisp clean sound.... Actually sounded very old school ,was a little heavy drone until I added an X pipe .
  7. Tuners

    I had blackbear tune mine right after I bought my 15 . They have provided good service for me. Any changes i need i plan in advance with them , works out good. Their tunes really woke the truck up. Now have 75,000 miles on her and still runnin strong. Recently made exhaust changes , sent a data log and Justin updated my tune. Night n day difference from stock IMO.
  8. What muffler was in there with those ?
  9. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Thanks , looks awesome, the +20 kept tires tucked in nicely
  10. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    What offset are your rims?
  11. Perhaps a neighbor let out 15lbs of air from your tires ???? 😂
  12. No sir. Just removed the factory struts placed the same spring on the new bilsteins and installed the bilsteins. they were installed at Top Notch from the get-go. The only thing I could think of is that factory spring must have settled compressed back down. Kind of like everyone says it'll settle down the front end will come down after a some drive time. the struts where and it's really more so just the factory spring settling back down itself. The strut breaking in definitely is part of the process but as we all know has nothing to do with height besides the spring perch adjustments. Ok... First time I had mine apart , the A frame stayed in position.... strut going in longer as you said... I loosened the lca bolts... the lca swings down ... then lifted it back up to the strut stuck the lower bolts in ... Left the lca bolts lose until truck was back on wheels... bounced the suspension a few times then torqued the lca bolts
  13. Ok now I think I understand why... you removed them and adjusted the height on the bilsteins ?
  14. I have full length for up to a 6 inch lift... Bolting the assembly back into position doesn't require compressing the strut assmbly ....
  15. Well if I am understanding the post correctly.... installing the strut assembly back into position? If so this Does not require any compressing .... Compressing the spring on the assembly itself .. yes is much more difficult.... the rental spring clamps are pain .... Chief.

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