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  1. I have the rear and I'm happy with it for the most part. There was some issues with it staying on at first but that was an easy fix.
  2. Kicking my self now for never starting a build page for my truck but here we are. So here's my 2015 Silverado wt midnight build. Looking for ideas on the front bumper and front bumper upper cap.
  3. Thanks, the w/t bumpers are not holding up that well actually, walk to close to it and you'll scuff the primer grey paint they use
  4. 2015 w/t double cab Levelling kit, Mbrp exhaust and swapped out the front grille for the black z71. Also some eBay headlight trim covers for a bit till I decide on headlights.
  5. Swapped out the wt grille to the z71 grille, Chrome has been pasti dipped.
  6. New to the Calgary area, been looking for a truck club, was part of one back home, hoping to find something here.
  7. Ordered them on eBay came to about $80 with shipping for all 3
  8. Thanks, I did two coats of night shade and for the badges I tried plastidip first and wasn't happy with the results so I bought pre painted badges and peeled of the old ones. Very happy with the finish on badges, better then I could have done my self.
  9. Before and after photo. 2015 Silverado WT 5.3L Replaced factory tires with duratrax's, replaced the chrome Silverado badges on the side to black badges. Tinted tail lights and plasti dipped Chrome on the bow ties. Things to come; exhaust, window tint and a 2.25 inch level or 3.5 lift kit, still on the fence on which to do.
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