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  1. Can't speak for the other springs but the BDS are still doing good.
  2. SOLD

    Part #23401109, newest version
  3. All Terrain 6.2

  4. SOLD

    I went with BDS springs to compliment my 4" BDS lift.
  5. SOLD

    Just checking to see if there is any interest in these. Don't plan to ship these unless buyer is paying for shipping which won't be cheap. *7k miles on them *$100 Located in Nebraska - 69101
  6. I went with the BDS 4"-5.5" lift springs to replace my factory ones that started the issue at 7k miles. Didn't want to screw around with warranty and having the same issue again anyway so I go the BDS springs installed and the issue is fixed. I already had a BDS 4" lift with a 5" block in the rear so I got these springs put on with a 1" block and I was afraid they would ride a little stiffer but honestly they don't ride that much stiffer. I have Sulastic rear shackles and those things do wonders so that is probably helping the ride quality immensely. Love that the BDS springs don't squat either. Really happy I spend the money and did this because I can't stand any abnormal noises on a 55K truck.
  7. Taken off a 2018 to upgrade to tow mirrors. Theses are fully functional with power adjust, fold, heat, puddle lamps, and turn signal. $350 Shipped
  8. If I remember correctly I just used Rust-oleum High Performance Enamel spray paint. I didn't take my time and it didn't come out great so I may have it don't professionally at some point. And I don't see any reason plastidip wouldn't work, probably would work better than what I used but I wanted a glossy and glass-like finish.
  9. That is actually vinyl on there, I have a vinyl cutter and cut the letters out of white vinyl. Unfortunately that raised surface where it says GMC is very slick and after a couple drives the vinyl came up. So far I haven't made any other attempts or tried a different vinyl yet. Probably would just need a vinyl tack spray to do the trick.
  10. Wondering as well? Still sounding good with new springs?
  11. FS: K&N 77-3082 CAI 5.3 OR 6.2

  12. FS: K&N 77-3082 CAI 5.3 OR 6.2

    I have had it for a couple years and the filter isn't all that dirty, still oiled and has many miles left before needing a re-oil.
  13. FS: K&N 77-3082 CAI 5.3 OR 6.2


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