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  1. Zone 4.5

    Like 1.5 or 2 inches on each side I believe. Enough to throw rocks at your paint even with stock rims but I'm not a fan of running boards either.
  2. Zone 4.5

    If it didn't widen the track width so much I'd want it hands down.
  3. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    I think it looks good. Too big of tires on a less than 4" lifted truck takes away from the lift IMO. If it was mine I'd remove the lower valance. I took my running boards off my 18 z71. It just looks better and these trucks are so low running boards just aren't needed.
  4. My 18 6 speed doesn't upshift nearly as smooth as my relic 03 ram 1500 with the 4 speed did. Downshifting seems fine, just upshifting seems rough. Rougher than a new truck should IMO. Maybe I'll mention it next oil change.
  5. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Rough country has a knuckle kit that keeps stock track width - it's a 3.5" lift
  6. I've thought about the zone 1.5 Is it noticeable gap in your rear wheel wells or not too bad
  7. Adding 2" to the back won't be a big deal but adding 2 more inches to the front I wouldn't do. Especially if you've got stamped steel control arms. That would be 4 inches lifted with your front diff in the factory location. Your CVS would be stressed (if you've got 4wd) and your ballpoint angles would be extreme
  8. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Same here Since it's new and all Their website has some pics and reviews but it would still be good to hear from someone who has it.
  9. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Same here Since it's new and all Their website has some pics and reviews but it would still be good to hear from someone who has it.
  10. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    So the TRE's have stock angles as well. That answers my question. Thx
  11. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Right it would be the strut space that would be the lift.
  12. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Its be nice if guys with the new 3.5" Rc knuckle lifts would chime in. Doesn't widen track, can use factory stamped control arms, drops diff 1" I believe. Only part I'm not sure is if the tie rods are relocated also to give stock angles. Youd think they would be with a new knuckle.
  13. Suspension/lift issues

    That is crazy geez! Well what the 4.7 has going for it is it's so underpowered that it cant destroy itself that easily. The body started to rust out on mine so I put the flares on to hide it then came the tires spacers etc. Well there u have it there could be a lot of life left on yer old girl. I would change the oil and within like 1500 kms it was black again. I dont know how that motor lasted as long as it has. This was originally about yer level and what not hah got sidetracked here. You gotter figured out I think anyway.
  14. Suspension/lift issues

    Another former Dodge guy hah. I put 315 70 17's on my stock rims with 2" wheel spacers on my 03. Had to be careful at the pumps guys assuming it was a diesel instead of gas. That truck didn't owe me a thing. I sold it with 360,000 kms on it engine and transmission untouched. It was the 4.7. It felt like I was flying on clouds when I got my 18 Lt z71 lol. If u got ranchos it'll be obvious mine are red and white with the name on em. Maybe someone else will chime in but I could see shocks being worn with that many miles on. Rear leafs yeah they could be flattened some just keep an eye on them. I cracked a leaf on my 03 (not the main connecting one)and it sagged that side pretty good. It had lots of miles on it though.
  15. Suspension/lift issues

    Depending on the miles on the truck the rear springs may simply be showing wear so it lost the ride height a bit. The bed could have been overloaded one too many times. Not a huge deal just keep an eye on them. I had a cracked leaf in my 03 once and that side sagged more. Springy up front possible worn out shocks. I drove an 03 ram 1500 with torsion bars and I cranked them 2" of course and theres no give to those. Worse obviously when you crank them but that thing always rode rough. My head would sway pretty good at times lol. They went coil springs in 06 no wonder.

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