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  1. But do they need to document it was done and what not? Maybe your dealer trusts you Heck I'll donit myself too it's such a PITA taking it in to dealer
  2. Itll just destroy one of your rear window segments. Some trim will melt also F150s have had this problem longer than chevys from what I've gathered and they've issued no recall so +1 for gm. I e looked on some f150 forums and it seems to ne that debris caught in the sliding window or something else bends one of the contact tabs basically arcing across the larger gap and causing big time heat resulting in melted window trim and eventual glass smashery.That's my current conclusion which is subject to change. I was called to bring in my 2018 Lt so they could pull the defrost fuse. If I can adequately see the contacts and periodically inspect them I might just put the fuse back in as I use my rear defroster dammit! We have cold temps up here.
  3. Angles are not near stock. I thought they'd correct the angles more considering they're throwing in new knuckles too but they tilt the upper balljoint mount so it's more in a level plane putting less stress on the balljoint but other than that the tie rod angles are steep and CV angles are equivalent to a 2.5" level.
  4. -So the black wire that says yellow end is an rca cable and has a red a yellow and a bare ground in it -This red wire runs from where it says "to reverse light" all the way to where it juts out near the bottom. Continuity the whole way Yellow and ground run from camera to "yellow end" ( ground splits off also as seen)
  5. In my quest to restore and use a truck camper I bought on the cheap I need to install a different backup cam as my tailgate needs to be down or removed. K no big deal but I'm looking into trying to plug an aftermarket cam into my 8 pin plug that the oem plugs into so I can use my factory screen. I've been doing quite a bit of research on this and found some good wiring diagrams thanks to this forum. And found a source for the plug and pins. However I cant quite nail down what wires should go where. Any help would be great
  6. I just ordered an auto vox 6 license plate cam for when my truck camper is on (tail gate has to be down/removed). I've also ordered the compatible plug and pins that plug in where my tailgate camera plugs. Am I dreaming or does think this will work?
  7. Anyone try 4 hi at 60 mph Still smooth as factory?
  8. U have a full size spare? It fits underneath?
  9. 2014 - first year of the new body style I'd never buy a first year redesign 2019's good luck
  10. What brandc2" block did u go with? No vibrations?
  11. Did u get wheel alignment after level put in? Verify that with ur dealer cause that can cause vibration. Level kit will reduce clearance between UCA and bump stop which means limited down travel so if u hit a speed bump bit too fast it could clunk and hit the stop. I think my bump stop has a rubber piece un it but I dont see one in urs
  12. Curious why you want to go back to stock Is there an issue with the lift? What would u want for the 4" blocks and are they tapered?
  13. I'm going add a leaf when I do mine. Or if I went the block way it would be non tapered for the 2". You think about it your only going up like 3/4". Taper wouldn't be necessary.
  14. Truck has all of 15000 kms so still young I noticed the seal and boot beside it looked wet or more accurately, was wet at one time from oil. Pulled the fill plug and stuck a tie wrap down and its maybe 3/4" below. And that's in my sloped driveway so its maybe 1" below when level. The manual says only to add oil when its below the drain plug, which seems odd. Should I take it in?
  15. I found the identical gmc rims locally online Would they still work for tpms? Not sure how old they are but they're identical to yours Guys asking 350 for them I'd love to buy em but shouldn't right now lol
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