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  1. I think I read in lift kit install instructions (cant remember which ) that its 85 ft lbs Edit; that's for the u clamp bolts
  2. Fair enough I live in the north where winters are cold and icy so for me I would use it more so.
  3. You hear how some guys get vibration afterc60 on some lifts Hear it more commonly on rc lifts seems like
  4. I like the detailed instructions for the 3.5 superlift. I noticed u have to compress the coil spring and then turn the front shock 180° before installing the strut spacer. Looks like some thought went into this lift.
  5. Does the superlift kit come with a diff drop?
  6. Those 17's are awesome. Relatively small diameter tire yet still looks beefy CC standard box all the way!
  7. Love these trucks!

    Was it a 4.7 liter? Maybe it was you I messaged with I went from an 03 ram with the 4.7 liter to an 18 Lt CC standard box The ride difference was beyond comparison as you said earlier. I'm at 13000 kms so I'm kind of out of the novelty phase but still happy with the truck. I plan on doing a 5" bracket lift when warranty is up maybe and might sneak a 2" level in the mean time. 3" block also. No more leaf spring creaking after the inner tube fix lol
  8. From what I understand they've made it so cv boots dont rub the LCA and looks like top balljoint mount for the UCA is angled so balljoints probably last longer. However the new knuckle doesnt have stock angles (or close to) for UCA or tie rods. Makes me wonder why they wouldn't try to make even close to stock angles when they go to the trouble of designing new knuckles. I guess it's one of their budget lifts.
  9. How does a longer driveshaft correct for cv angles? Your cv angles should be close to stock with the 5" knuckle lift.
  10. That's all bilstein makes is the shock. The coil spring needs to be transferred over.
  11. Some sort of knuckle lift I'd look at the brackets that connect to the front diff Theres a few different designs
  12. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    I'd say it's a money grab as well Doesnt help steep tie rod angles any Only rough country lift that'll keep your factory angles is the 5" bracket lift

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