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  1. My how times have changed, back in 2005/6 I had a Duramax and GM did not want you running biodiesel or anything above say B5 or B10. We had a few Biodiesel facilities around the Fort Worth area. It was made mainly from Soy. Had an instance where I ended up with what looked like tribbles in the fuel tank...so something didn’t react well. After $600 at the dealer to diagnose and flush the system I stayed away from biodiesel. Now many people have not had issues with it. Anyway, B20 is Diesel mixed with 20% biodiesel.
  2. I see on Lew’s site that he doesn’t disable/alter emissions related item...so I take it that you still have the v4 mode after one of his tunes or does/can he disable that ? Just trying to decide if I am going to get a range AFM disabler or go with one of the other “tuners”.
  3. As with many “storms” there are some people that don’t prepare because they are not aware of it coming....situational awareness or lack of. Up here in the DFW area we got as low as -4 (at least on the NW side of FW). The only time I didn’t have water was when the rural water supply company was unable to pump it for whatever reason. I only was without power for 4.5 hours Sunday night but had propane, a wood fireplace, and Coleman lanterns for light/heat. I kept the propane heater running in the kitchen area since most of the water lines ran to adjoining rooms. I had a electric space heater running in the master bath at the other end of the house. I kept all faucets dripping. Our biggest water consumer is our 3 dogs who will drink 3 gallons of water every 24-36 hours. The only thing I didn’t have ready and in the house was the firewood so I had to spilt some as needed but it was seasoned. My biggest downside to the whole event was the gerbil that t-boned my truck at an intersection because he was not driving to the road conditions and slid through the stop sign. The written visual estimate at the Chevy house is about $12k and will go up from there once they get into it.
  4. The truck likely has onstar and they/GM get all their data through that.
  5. If you bought it new directly from the dealer and they do not know what it is then there would be some serious ‘splaining to do by the dealer and General Manager.
  6. An imei number is for a cellular device.
  7. Did someone check for any CEL codes for you? Is it an ODBII reader ? Are there any markings on it?
  8. Z71 is a suspension package and does not mean you have 4 wheel drive. You can have a 4 wheel drive truck without the Z71 decal, like the Z66. My old 05 Duramax 2500 crew cab 4x4 had a decal that said 4x4, but it was not the Z71 suspension package.
  9. I got my data plan straight through AT&T...$20/month. This way when we have grandkids in the vehicle they can stream movies on trips. Don’t have an onstar plan, don’t use the app. The app was a novelty in my opinion while for some it may have some actual use. It wasn’t worth the money to me. Like everyone else these days going to a subscription model and nickel and diming you...by the time you add up all your monthly subscription fees and the annual cost, is it worth it? Somethings yes, many things no.
  10. Sirens and horns mounted on/above the cab are loud inside the cab...
  11. If a 4wd you can put the transfer case in neutral. For a RWD pickup either remove the driveshaft or put it on a flatbed trailer. If a FWD, you can use a tow dolly. The owners Manuel for each vehicle should have the proper info and is the best place to look. Flat towing or dolly towing a RWD vehicle with an automatic transmission in neutral does not good things to the transmission since your pump is not running to provide proper lubrication to the rotating parts. That is likely what happened in the case of the truck in the original post. Manual transmissions are different in how lubrication occurs. Again the owners manual as a reference.
  12. Not sure if the Raptor is available in 4wd...but being a high performance truck and brand new I am sure the insurance company may find a way to deny the claim being it was likely being towed in a manner inconsistent with the manufacturers recommendations.
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