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  1. Sounds like the front wheel bearing. If I recall it is on the side opposite or the direction you turn to make the sound go away.
  2. Larson makes some fairly decent stuff. Looks a bit pricey though....
  3. WHen I bought my 2018 I nixed the offered tire and wheel warranty package and went to discount tire. I purchased a replacement certificate for each tire and got lifetime rotating and balancing. I think it was about $165 total. Thus if I have a road hazard event I am covered. Now for wear like what you have ? I think that will be replace tires and have the alignment checked.
  4. I added one to my 18 CC shortly after I bought it. As mentioned by another, popped the old cover off and the new one on. 2 bolts and the bolt covers and it was done.
  5. Black chrome looks great.....until it gets scratched. We got a new brush truck a few years back with black chrome wheels....they look great!! But on a brush truck they will get scratched...and they have. Scratches stand out although not as bad as a full black wheel.
  6. I moved the amp and 10” subs from my ‘07 classic to my 18 crew cab and used a new under rear seat box. Amp is mounted behind the rear seats. I have a pair of 6.5” infinity reference series I am going to place in the rear doors. Fronts will be a set of new Infinity reference series components. 6x9 in the door and the mid/tweeter in the dash. I will use the Rockford Fosgate digital processor to drive a new 600x4 amp for the front and provide sub outputs. The speakers for the front doors, digital processor, front amp, swapping out my speakers in the rear doors, installed and tuned will run me about $1500.
  7. I wonder if they pushed down an update via onstar that broke some stuff. When I got my 2018 about a month ago apple car play recognized my 2 iPads. After a few days I got tired of the onstar demo mode and hit the blue button to fix that. As we went through things and were finishing up they said they were pushing some updates down. A day or two later the ipads would only work under the “media” button and apple CarPlay would not recognize them. After working with them (still have an open ticket), I have to take the truck back to the dealer and have them reflash the system to an earlier version.
  8. Yes...based on the charged battery and it being used until it “dies” sounds like it is not charging the battery. Check alternator. Also check to see if the ground wires for the battery are going through the little hell effect sensor loop which will effect how much charging occurs. Basically what Mike GMC said in the post above this one.
  9. So if you jump start it, it runs fine until you turn it off and then you can’t restart it? If so, my thoughts are the battery is toast. Sitting for 5 months without being charged is very hard on our vehicle batteries, especially if it is over summer or winter. I suggest that you get the battery tested and then go from there.
  10. It displays the same thing that you can select on the DIC. Hit left arrow on steering wheel and then scroll down to audio and then hit the check button in the middle. Even if the swipe works, I still had to go to the DIC to select other views such as info.
  11. If you have a tool box you can mount antenna’s on that. What band is your P25 radio ?
  12. Where are you going to mount your radios and antennas? What sort antenna mounts are you going to use? You can run power cables from the battery to behind the seats via the cab vents between the cab and truck bed. That is also a good location to run antenna cable out unless you are going with an NMO mount in the roof. Under the rear seat or behind the rear seat is a good spot to put radios as in inside the console if you don’t have the Bose sub. 73, KD5SFA LJFD LT 51
  13. Would have to drill holes to attach license plate...otherwise you will get pulled over in Texas.
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