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  1. Mount a tool box in the bed of the truck and put it in there.
  2. Consider the BFG rugged terrain. More highway manners but not bad for light off-road and did decently for me my 94 GMC 2wd work truck I used to have. I confounded many discount tire folks because I got over 65k out of those tires before they could make a valid argument for new tires. Light snow and ice weren’t issues either as long as I had enough weight in that 8’ bed. I had also run a set on a Subaru Outback as well. Never had any issues with traction. When my ‘18 needs replacements for the stock GoodForAYear tires I am thinking the BFG’s or I may go with the Continental Cross Contact LX 20’s. I have had good experience with their extreme contact tires in the past on all wheel drive cars.
  3. I think that is covered under the bumper to bumper 30k mile warranty...but I could be wrong.
  4. Check your battery cable and ground connections.
  5. 10 amp is great to recharge the larger batteries faster... I have a 2/5amp that works good for most of my purposes and reduces charge rate as the battery approaches full charge. Good for overnight use. It also helps to have a trickle charger/maintainer (battery minder/batter tender) as those can be left on. I use those for the ATV and Motorcycle (most all the time) as well as the Mower during the winter.
  6. I have always been skeptical of those. Hopefully someone has some practical experience to share.
  7. You might check a local truck accessories store in your area. They may have a display that shows the rails the top rides on and that lock the top in place. In thinking back, you may have to open the tailgate to open up the cover....
  8. I know the X2 and X4 can be locked and opened without opening the tailgate. Also you can open the tailgate without unlocking/opening the cover. I like these two because unlike some, each side along the bed rail clamps where the cover sits, clamps shut when you lock it so you can’t get under it easily whereas some have Velcro along the sides and they any secure at front and rear. I also believe the X2 and X4 have more metal across them (side to side) for strength and security. I want the X4, but I have to consider a new toolbox situation and big antenna (Tarheel 40hp HF antenna) mounting concerns.
  9. Co-worker had the Bak x2 on his Colorado...essentially the same as the x4. Cons, it is a 2 person install (bulk/size) but once installed easily operated by one person. 1 person can do it...just easier to install/line up with 2. Pros, Sits at/below bed rails so it is not immediately obvious from the side of the vehicle unless you walk up on it. It locks along side rails so you can’t roll it up without unlocking it. It secures the bed of the truck as long as your tailgate locks too. By rolling up you gain usability of almost the entire bed of the truck for transport purposes on the fly for items taller than the bed rail. You only need to roll up what you need to expose.
  10. Nothing it truly waterproof...but most will prevent most water from getting into the bed area. As far as windproof, they should all prevent most wind issues but there again, any small openings can allow for air to move into and out of the bed (pressure and Venturi related flows). Security related, depending on how they lock up will determine how secure they are.Does your tailgate lock? If not then the question could be moot if the cover does not close over the top of the tailgate. Most covers can be defeated causing damage to the cover and/or the truck bed. I am personally looking at the revolver x2/x4 series. Have a coworker who had one on his Colorado and liked it.. The locking for this seems robust enough to deter most casual criminals. I just have to justify a new toolbox and amateur radio antenna mounting solutions if I go this route. But the ability to secure items I’d a bonus as well as the ability to use most of the bed if needed. Some of the retractable covers have a large box the cover retracts into...that takes up space that may be needed. HTH
  11. Could be the drain is partially clogged causing it to drain slower.
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