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  1. FedEx was recently dropped by Amazon due to subpar performance and Amazon told some third party sellers that they could not ship with them. Funny thing is I have had more trouble with UPS over the years. They have had to pay out on a few claims because of their “issues”. In your case I would escalate further up the corporate food chain.
  2. For the same grand you can get a decent speaker, a good amp, sub box and a line out level converter and have a better setup. I put 2 10”Memphis audio subs into a box that fits under the rear seat and used a Memphis audio sub amp from a previous truck. Had the shop mount the amp behind the rear seat and set up the converter. 640 watts at one ohm. New including install I think it would have run me about $1200 - $1400 but I already had the speakers and amp. This year I will add a 4 channel amp for the fronts and change the speakers to infinity’s, 6x9 components in front and 6.5’s in rear doors with a dsp converter so I can better shape the sound.
  3. What are your settings for time? I believe there are options to pick up time from RDS (the data portion of many radio stations that send the station call sign and current song info) or from GPS/Cell service.
  4. Simple answers are to hit craigslist, eBay, local junkyards. You may contact the manufacturer to see if they can sell a single piece. It may be easier to by both and then sell off the single good side to someone else in need.
  5. I will probably mount the radio behind the rear seat and fabricate a mount for the control head so I can spin the dial while resting my arm on the center console.
  6. I will either use my IC-706MKiig or my FT-891 for HF.
  7. I recently heard about this from a co-worker and initial investigation looks like it may be promising. I’d like to see some actual reviews on it. The install video doesn’t look horrible.
  8. Although I have found that at certain speeds the 5/8’s wave will sing due to vibration. I am working on mounting a Tar Heel screwdriver on my ‘18 ccsb behind the toolbox. Being I have an hour drive each way to and from work I like to work 17m in the afternoon when it is open.
  9. If you are looking for around town hitting repeaters then the Larson 1/4 wave 2m antenna with that NMO mount will work well as a dual band antenna. It is only about 18” tall so it helps to clear drive throughs. I use such most of the time and even though I live in a rural area I can hit all the different machines I need to with no problems. If traveling I’ll switch to a 1/2 wave dual band.
  10. Google says 23223775 is a seat back heater. Google says 23170194 is a mat seat heater
  11. Actually cold air is more dense. Since the temperature is lower the air molecules are less active (excited) and the pressure drops. The quantity of air (by mass) is the same. For those that remember high school chemistry think back to Boyles law about temperature, pressure, and volume. When you reduce temperature you need to decrease volume to maintain pressure.
  12. Gotcha...good deal then. I can't help you with the headliner though. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. You can run the coax through the cab vents....works well if you are using the diamond window mount and 1/2 wave antenna. For power I’d run separate power lead. Keeping clean power to transceiver and helping to keep RF out of the truck electronics as well as keeping noise out. Just options... 73, KD5SFA
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