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  1. You might have luck at a salvage/junk yard and save some money in the process.
  2. You need to also look at the floor of the cab, try and pull up the carpet. It the floor is rippled a portion has to be cut out and replaced. I got t-boned 18 months ago in a similar accident. Their insurance only authorized $13k for repairs. The body shop wrote $18k to fix and recommended it be totaled due to the amount of work and the fact that the structural integrity of the cab had been compromised. In the end I had to claim it on my insurance (my insurance wrote $24k for repairs and agreed it had to be totaled). The other guys insurance (StateFarm) were jerks and didn’t want to pay squat. Took my insurance over a year to recover $18k from StateFarm. It will depend on the value of the truck and the percentage of the cost to repair vs. the value of the truck. Once the cost to repair exceeds 60% or so the chance of it being totaled rises depending on the insurance company. The type of damage/repair will also be a factor.
  3. Interested. Mine has the fog light switch but being able to add aux lights seems to be a plus. How hard is it to tie into the aux ? I assume it would be plug and play with the existing fog lights.
  4. I can’t say it is fixed. I suspect it is a sign the thermostat is going out or the temp sensor may be heading that way. Haven’t any issues since then but I am keeping an eye on it.
  5. I had the same happen on my 18 GMC 6.2 recently after a cold snap. Next day and ever sine it ran fine. I suspect it was a stuck thermostat.
  6. Nifty I found your DIYMA build post. I am glad it hear it was an improvement over the factory sub. I gather there is not a way to bolt it down like the factory sub…I am curious how much vibration was from the box moving versus items in the console.
  7. How did it compare to the Factory Bose Subwoofer? After my 18 Silverado got t-boned and totaled due the Icemageddon here in Texas I had bought an 18 Sierra with the full Bose system. I opted for locking under seat storage in the rear so I can’t use my dual 10” sub box. I looked for this set up back in April and it was out of stock and unknown date to be back in. I’ve been looking at a box that takes a 8” square Kicker. Not sure if it will sound as good as the JL.
  8. I had a similar solution due to a idiot back during the icemageddon back in February that t-boned my truck and after months of dispute with their insurance company it was totaled. So I bought the same year GMC and went from LT2 to an SLT with most of the options and dropped my monthly payment.
  9. What shake issue are you speaking of? Are you talking of the TCC shudder? If so, there is a TSB that covers that with a transmission fluid change.
  10. My how times have changed, back in 2005/6 I had a Duramax and GM did not want you running biodiesel or anything above say B5 or B10. We had a few Biodiesel facilities around the Fort Worth area. It was made mainly from Soy. Had an instance where I ended up with what looked like tribbles in the fuel tank...so something didn’t react well. After $600 at the dealer to diagnose and flush the system I stayed away from biodiesel. Now many people have not had issues with it. Anyway, B20 is Diesel mixed with 20% biodiesel.
  11. I see on Lew’s site that he doesn’t disable/alter emissions related item...so I take it that you still have the v4 mode after one of his tunes or does/can he disable that ? Just trying to decide if I am going to get a range AFM disabler or go with one of the other “tuners”.
  12. As with many “storms” there are some people that don’t prepare because they are not aware of it coming....situational awareness or lack of. Up here in the DFW area we got as low as -4 (at least on the NW side of FW). The only time I didn’t have water was when the rural water supply company was unable to pump it for whatever reason. I only was without power for 4.5 hours Sunday night but had propane, a wood fireplace, and Coleman lanterns for light/heat. I kept the propane heater running in the kitchen area since most of the water lines ran to adjoining rooms. I had a electric space heater running in the master bath at the other end of the house. I kept all faucets dripping. Our biggest water consumer is our 3 dogs who will drink 3 gallons of water every 24-36 hours. The only thing I didn’t have ready and in the house was the firewood so I had to spilt some as needed but it was seasoned. My biggest downside to the whole event was the gerbil that t-boned my truck at an intersection because he was not driving to the road conditions and slid through the stop sign. The written visual estimate at the Chevy house is about $12k and will go up from there once they get into it.
  13. The truck likely has onstar and they/GM get all their data through that.
  14. If you bought it new directly from the dealer and they do not know what it is then there would be some serious ‘splaining to do by the dealer and General Manager.
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