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  1. Got one, easy to install definitely recommend sound deadening the console only drawback is that things left in console such as pens etc sometimes rattle/buzz was as considering the 8 “ sub box on eBay that fits in center console as well bose sub is a joke
  2. I have a 2017 crew cab LT with Bose When I installed it there was no sound spent an hour with crutchfield tech support realized the harness didn’t have a 8 pin plug for Bose systems Alpine shipped me a new harness in a few days and everything worked i like it it so far. Only complaint is iPod USB port is crappy. Took it out and replaced with smaller plug in lighter outlet Also when I plug my iPhone in the USB port for power it connects to CarPlay but doesn’t connect to HU I am going to disconnect usb plugs from the hub so all ports will have power but not connect
  3. Just found my extra harness It had both yellow black and yellow blue wires
  4. Not sure I think it did with all 4 but there is instructions stating if it doesn't then only hook up the 3 wires Not sure if I had a yellow/black I stripped the tesa tape from the initial portion of the harness right where it plugs into to alpine HU You can see the black, blue/white and yellow/blue, yellow/black wires i have an extra harness in my garage I will dig it up and let you know though
  5. Yes hooked it up right after harness coming out of HU got bypass off amazon
  6. I removed my factory HU and replaced it with the alpine x110-slv i have a 2017 LT with bose sounds good, definite improvement from factory did this in preparation for changing speakers and adding amps haven’t done anything else yet, not enough time I posted pics in audio sub forum
  7. Sorry about the size of the pics, I had to reduce the size in order to post them Initial thoughts: Remarkably better than factory HU Really looks like it came straight from the factory Everything works including chimes Dash/Gauges view screen works except for audio of course and the phone says off Info screen works the same and navigation has a compass only Onstar still works as well as phone BT and microphone Only draw back is I had 3 USB plugs and I had to go down to one Plan to change the one USB outlet in the center console to the glove box or center box and put the dual USB outlet back in the center console. They all will still have power, just won't connect to the HU Blue square audio an navigation buttons are a little cheap looking and the knob could be sturdier Otherwise sound is better and there are more tuning options available SXM sounds better, I know crazy and it hasn't dropped out once Plan to run some power wire and start on adding a sub Looked under center console tray, I have a sub, may try to put an 8 in there. Here is the link to the install video on youtuvbe, pretty informative and self explanatory with catchy tune https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfBhix0wIEw
  8. DVD player in, harness connected Everything packed in HU at top, idata maestro module in Finished and powered up Finished and powered up
  9. Harness modified for bypass 10 pin bose jumper and SXM module installed
  10. Everything out ready to install HU Had to take glove box apart to get to camera plug
  11. HU and CD player out Black 10 pin connector needed for bose adapter
  12. Some pics from my install HU at the top and WiFi unit in the middle CD player has been removed
  13. I have a 2017 Silverado LT with Bose, just changed out factory HU to alpine x110 SLV. Prior to this SXM would frequently drop, go in and out etc. Since changing HU with SXM adapter I haven't had any issues Weird I know but true, wife's suburban never has an issue with it Really think it is something with the factory HU

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