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  1. 2021 RST with Bose. Not bad but plan on upgrading soon
  2. I have 2021 RST has 2.75 in dash and 6x9 in front doors. Do you have the new dash?
  3. Here are the links to 2 outstanding build logs https://www.diymobileaudio.com/threads/2021-gmc-sierra-helix-audiofrog-gb-jl-resonix-the-revolving-door.444799/ https://www.diymobileaudio.com/threads/alipors-2019-chevy-silverado-high-country-semi-stealth-system.416775/#post-5690565
  4. You can run wire from under hood just behind battery there is a rubber boot you can go thru i did this in mine https://www.diymobileaudio.com/threads/2021-silverado-rst-build-log.442362/#post-5979033 as far as the back wall for mounting amps I am unsure. I bought a HDPE from sounds good stereo online and will be installing soon. there are a couple of builds on this site as well as DIYMA
  5. Just renewed for $6 a month with total $87 for year with taxes and royalties. Just have to remember to cancel prior to auto renewal
  6. How about an iridescent site pearl for 2021 Silverado? Bought one off eBay but wires too short
  7. There are a few more build logs as well including one on a non Bose that was informative You should also check these out as well on DIYMA https://www.diymobileaudio.com/threads/alipors-2019-chevy-silverado-high-country-semi-stealth-system.416775/#post-5690565 This one is mine. Haven’t gotten very far yet… https://www.diymobileaudio.com/threads/2021-silverado-rst-build-log.442362/#post-5989760
  8. There are a few builds on this site. Including this thread which may help
  9. Great install Any pics of the midrange in the dash? Did you have to trim the opening any? thx
  10. Smack dab in the middle of the back wall along with the inverter have to remove the back seat to get to it there are a few tutorials on YouTube on how to do it
  11. Do you still have “chimes” and alerts? These along with turn signals are played through dash speakers You may want to check to see if the loop harness utilizes the dash speakers as a source of input. Do you have the Bose setup?
  12. Have you had any contact with the company? I emailed them those same questions with no response Twice now
  13. You are correct. No way to bolt it down. It’s kinda heavy and fits snug in place once I deadened the inner portion of console most of the vibration went away also stopped putting spare change in the side pockets helped as well
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