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  1. Wigg006 Registered 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 LTZ Black on Black Joined 26 d ago 2 Posts #4 • 2 d ago (Edited) Here's the link for the tpms tool. https://www.amazon.com/VXDAS-EL-50448-Pressure-Monitor-Activation/dp/B072BK693N/ref=zg_bs_2201764011_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=TDJHXS13WBAX6WH5NXAT You have to touch the black "antenna" looking thing to the sidewall next to the valve stem. It took me 900 tries to actually figure this out. But once I did it took about 45 seconds to learn the 4 tires on my fifthwheel. So just press and release the white button after you're touching the antenna to the side wall and the TX light will rapidly blink green and then stop. My 2020 would not honk after it learned the tire so I had my girlfriend sit in the truck and tell me when it worked. I could not get my truck to learn the TPMS on my fifthwheel using the air method. So I did what i outlined above. Valve stems were pointed in all different directions and it still worked with the TPMS re-learn tool. Good luck.
  2. My Question is if you don't follow the break-in procedures and you have to have warranty work done and they flash the truck and see you didn't follow them, could they deny or void your warranty or the work? Just wondering since the 2020's have some newish stuff to them.
  3. The Bird squats the one ton just a bit. Air bags and compressor going on tomorrow!
  4. Cool, I wood like to see it which ever way you decide to go.
  5. eah I have tried everything also. I get no honks at all when it starts and it doesn't learn the sensors either. I can let out air or add air for 20 seconds and it never moves off the first tire. I tried just letting out air for 10 seconds on each tire during the 2 minute learn time hoping that it would honk twice after the fourth tire or learn all 4 and I would see it on the screen. I'm at a loss. Don't know what else to do. I'm trying this on my 2020 3500. EDIT!!! So I ended up finally, after three days of trying everything and ordering a relearn tool off of Amazon to get the trailer TPMS to sync to the truck. What I learned was that the truck does not honk ever, I had my Girlfriend sit in the truck to alert me. I Removed the trailer profile, and added it again. Took the trailer around the block and then started the TPMS learn again. I used the Relearn tool that I got on Amazon for 9.99. I Held the little Black antenna thing right on the sidewall where it met the rim, next to the valve stem. Took about 15 seconds to learn each tire. I could not get it to work by letting air out or putting air in. I hope this helps some people, I was at my wits end Trying to figure this out.
  6. Has anyone added a sub and amp to the Bose factory system. I want to add my own not the kicker package that gm sells. Just wondering how difficult wiring it in is and if it'll play nice with Bose?
  7. Hey bass was wondering if you finished wrapping the chrome in the smoke tint? if so can you post a few close up pics, I want to do the same to my truck and I'm curious to see what it looks like.
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