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  1. 1. Is accessorizing your truck something that you are currently interested and/or investing in? Yes, I have done basic "accessorizing" to all of my trucks. I tend to stick to more functional mods in which I can actually utilize to it's full potential. Basic stuff such as tow mirrors for a wide view, wheels because who doesn't like a nice set of aftermarket wheels, I did put a cap on over this past winter for those tall items which you are worried about getting let in the elements and for hunting season, even a CB radio. Plus much more. 2. Would you purchase
  2. I would have to agree it is much more convent.
  3. I'll have to send you some pics of my buddies install. You could always mount it to the side of the center console
  4. I will have to post pictures later of my install. I picked up the CB off of my cousin who use to have it in an '08 F350 so I picked it up for a steal. I wasn't to keen on having it hard wired it.
  5. I will have to post pics of my install in my 07 Sierra SLE. I simply have the CB wired to an on/off 12v plug that plugs into the "cigarette" lighter. I chose to run dual 4' Firestik II antenna's. It all depends on personal preference. My one buddy has an 01 Silverado and chose to run a Wilson 1000 magnet mount with a 5' whip and my other buddy runs a Wilson Little Will on his 14 Silverado double cab. As for mounting options I chose to mount it to the radio directly to the bottom part of the dash, I felt as if there were empty space when I looked down toward the transmission tunnel. My buddy Br
  6. Kudo's to you man. Reminds me of doing work to my old 99 Sierra 2500. It had similar issues compared to you. I finally threw in the towel after I was done messing with its million problems and dumping my paycheck into it. Man I do miss that old truck. My 07 just doest give me the same feeling that one did.
  7. Me personally, I like the look of the white lettering. It's not something you see much now a days.
  8. Open to offers and willing to ship?
  9. I'd be interested but Albany is a bit of a haul for me.
  10. I'm looking to buy a set of wheels for my 07 Sierra 1500. Looking for wheels in good shape, does not have to have tire. I am located in Erie, PA but am willing to drive to near Buffalo, Cleveland, or Pittsburgh for the right set/deal. I'm not have a ton of luck on craigslist or the Facebook groups. Thanks.
  11. Sounds nasty. This makes me wish I would have waited to find a 6.2 truck instead of the 5.3.
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