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  1. A whole forum full of pretty avid/engaged guys can't come up with an answer but a salesman does? Right!
  2. "and the sales person said" Groan.
  3. Same thing can/will happen at a dealership. They hire idiots too.
  4. Finance manager! Did you sell yourself an extended warranty? Maintenance plan? Pin striping? Paint sealant? Fabric Protection? Etc.?
  5. They lie to you, straight to your face, and you're worried about messing up your relationship?
  6. When it comes right down to it even the "leather" is not leather in the sense that it is not natural animal hide.
  7. "the dealer gave me $6k" ----- 12% from the dealer is great shakes? Everything else you would have gotten anywhere. Did you shop the deal?
  8. Sorry. Knew it was FCA. Still think a full tank is standard, especially if new. Anything on the window sticker?
  9. I thought a full tank is standard. Might want to check with GM.
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