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  1. Not sure that something you got away with "years back" applies here. More likely an isolated incident?
  2. Dealer isn't going to do anything that would potentially cost them money without approval and/or backing from the manufacturer. Manufacturer will say "see the dealer" --- classic Catch 22.
  3. Who is "them"? The dealer? The manufacturer?
  4. I would be very unhappy about potential internal damage and it would eat at me. It's very unfortunate that your very first impression of your new truck is such a bad one. The dealer/manufacturer will return it to "normal" and expect you to go lie down in your corner.
  5. You'd learn otherwise very quickly or go out of business.
  6. Maybe that will stand you in good stead. But it is, after all, a car dealer. Weaseling out is part of their DNA. And, bottom line, it's not their problem.
  7. This should be interesting. Unless the dealer has some sort of three days no questions policy I fear you're in for a lot of fast talking and feigned concern.
  8. GM cover repairing a scratch

    Doesn't hurt to ask but the chance of them helping you out is the same as the chance of the astronauts landing on Pluto tomorrow morning.
  9. My point is that people tend to buy marketing rather than reality. They don't notice that products are diminishing in size and/or quality per unit while the price rises. Bang for the buck if you will.
  10. Decrease value while increasing price. They get away with because the average consumer is an idiot.
  11. How many folks have gone out to their truck to find all the windows down in a driving rain? Holding the button down a bit too long is easier to do than you think, like when remote starting. And, having something press against the button while in your pocket is not unheard of.
  12. You really think another manufacturer would treat you better?
  13. New Silverado Commercial

    They left out the "all ugly" part.
  14. The dealer spiff for selling financing kicks in after three months. That's why they want you to wait. Take the money and refinance on the way home.

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