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  1. Good price on new ltz?

    A new salesman won't make any difference. It's the guy they beat a path to that you're dealing with. And he smells blood in the water.
  2. Helpful information ----- had OP asked about Double Cab.
  3. Did you get that in writing? My guess is that if you have to "take them up on it" you'll get a different story.
  4. Deal of the century?

    How nice for you! You think you're the only one here who knows how to make a buck?
  5. Deal of the century?

    $26,000+ dealer discount? Right!
  6. Leather help

    Leather conditioner would help ----- if it was real leather.
  7. Keys banging against steering column

    Same as every other corporate entity on the planet.
  8. Touchy, about an engine?
  9. How does a condom fit?
  10. Tire rotation question

    There's twenty seconds right there.
  11. Tire rotation question

    The only way to get what you are paying for is to watch them. Profit is the goal and cutting corners = more profit.
  12. 2018 Sierra SLT or wait for 2019

    Great deal on a proven platform that, for the most part, has all the bugs worked out. Or, spend a whole bunch more money on a huge ? mark. Decisions, decisions. Folks who have to have the latest thing out own a lot of bridges.
  13. Remote fob windows down

    There are horror stories about folks walking to their vehicle in a driving rain and finding all their windows open. Had the fob in their pocket and leaned against something just right for too long. Probably rare but it does happen.
  14. Discount Tire scratched wheels

    I once had a dealer tell me they wouldn't be able to do a regular oil change because the drain plug was rounded off. I'd need to pay for a new plug, blah, blah, blah. I pointed out that they were the only people to have ever touched the plug and I had the records to so prove. That's when the fun started.

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