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  1. You always have to wonder what so recent a model is doing on the market.
  2. I once knew a cocktail waitress who, when asked, said she drove a "Prindle." True story.
  3. Watch out for dealer add-ons and fees.
  4. Surprised they didn't stand their ground. They must have made a bunch on the sale and figured discretion was the better course.
  5. And that, folks, is the sad truth of it. Several hundred potential buyers come of age every hour. What do they need you for?
  6. Honda, Toyota, Mazda were all OK. Then I drove a Acura.
  7. I heard there was a guy who had a good experience at Village. Never believed it 'til now.
  8. And maybe someday the astronauts will land on Pluto.
  9. When pricing info first started to appear the dealers would laugh in your face, saying it is all BS, you're wasting your time, you should be taliking to us, yada-yada. There is a very good reason smart people have so little respect for dealers.
  10. If GM built a better product dealers would not be so annoyed with legit complaints/issues.
  11. When the dealer says it's a good deal they don't mean it's a good deal for you.
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