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  1. They want you to wait three months because their spiff doesn't kick out until then. So ----- they tell you that you have to wait. Just your typical dealer lie. You can pay off on your way home.
  2. I picked her out

    Trusting anyone at a car dealership ----- no future in that. There are dealers who won't let you take a test drive until you've filled out a credit ap. What's really astonishing is that consumers put up with this crap. This begs the question: If you were arranging your own financing why did you even start the paperwork?
  3. I picked her out

    They get a "spiff" for putting the loan together, same as a loan officer would. It's a sale. If they can they will middle a % or two for themselves. Car dealers don't do anything out of pure convenience for the customer. If you gave the dealer your SSN you have no one to blame but yourself.
  4. I picked her out

    Selling financing is a huge profit stream for dealers. They aren't "helping you out" by putting a loan together any more than they are doing so by installing a $6.00 high brake light flasher ("it's a safety feature") and charging you $399.95 for it. Financing at the dealer is for fools. It's like the sign at the old Shakey's: "We have a deal with the bank. We don't cash checks and they don't make pizza."
  5. Hidden Rebate Programs

    Some dealers (probably more than some) include every possible incentive/rebate/whatever in their advertised pricing. The unwary go in to find out they don't qualify for much of the discounts. It's called "Bait and Switch" ----- oldest trick in the book.
  6. I picked her out

    What dealer? I've long thought there should be a "dealers to stay away from" section here. Problem is that pretty soon all dealers would be listed.
  7. I picked her out

    There is a reason these warranties are such a huge deal. You can't even buy a microwave without a hustle. Deals that are good for the seller are usually not good for the consumer, and extended warranties are verrrrrrrry good for the seller.
  8. My Replacement LTZ Z71

    Will uninsured motorist insurance come into play?
  9. Have you ever gotten anything at a dealer that wasn't BS?
  10. Rear defrost

    What's amazing is how many folks don't know that the answers are at their fingertips.
  11. Rear defrost

    They come on with the rear defrost.
  12. Rear defrost

    That's the symbol for heated mirrors. It's noted in the owner's manual. Rear defrost does, indeed, say "rear."
  13. Two words: Grab handle.

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