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  1. NAV is nice if you don't know where you are going. I got it only because the map display is more interesting that just the icons.
  2. It's called an "Owner's Manual", check it out.
  3. Be prepared for a shoulder shrug followed by a blank stare.
  4. Sounds like when you "agreed on price" it wasn't with the sales manager, in which case you had no agreement. Nothing on paper = nothing. This one's on you.
  5. You got to wonder about corners cut. If you don't see a new filter being installed did you get one?
  6. A whole forum full of pretty avid/engaged guys can't come up with an answer but a salesman does? Right!
  7. "and the sales person said" Groan.
  8. Same thing can/will happen at a dealership. They hire idiots too.
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