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  1. Wow...

  2. Dealer Offered Paint Protection

    Black is the absence of color.
  3. Dealer Offered Paint Protection

    Anything the dealer offers is going to be grievously overpriced and inferior to what is available elsewhere.
  4. Z71 Decals

    Neither do the people at the factory who slap on the decals. Check out examples at a dealer and ballpark it.
  5. Looking for catch can

    And, you will really like the kit.
  6. The problem with buying a Ford is that you wind up with a Ford.
  7. 2017 lease return?
  8. Washing/cleaning supplies

    Google "werner platform lowes".
  9. Washing/cleaning supplies

    The two pail system is very important. Werner makes a very nice platform also good for washing windows, etc. Lowes all but gives them away on sale.
  10. Nav/Map Screen Display

    I think I ran into that somewhere and then forgot about it. Anyway ----- it did the trick. Thanks much!
  11. I'm used to having the map displayed on my screen in the "heading up" mode. I somehow managed to alter that screen so that it now displays a band of radio frequency options across the bottom. I want to get the screen back to just the map and am going nuts trying to get there. Any ideas?
  12. Turning off Radio

    I always minimize the volume before shutting down the truck. Old habit that started when someone said that speakers don't like to be jarred to life. Good habit.
  13. Put some of that aged 1 year J. Carver bourbon in there. About all it's good for.
  14. Broken door panel

    Dealers are convenient and you pay dearly for that.

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