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  1. I have had some surprising MPG results too. These pics are from a round trip on 55 mph, mountain 2 lane roads. First pic is the one way, second includes the trip back. Unfortunately, most of my driving is in town, which nets 16-18 MPG.
  2. Haven’t been able to hit the 1/4, but ran the 1000’ at a local track.
  3. Ordered GMPP exhaust and intake, 20% off, free shipping to dealer, installed intake myself and used points for the exhaust install. Ordered late Friday, parts were at dealership Tuesday. About as hassle free as possible.
  4. 60' = 2.009sec 1/8mile = 9.169s @ 76.23 1000'=11.72 @ 88.41 (air temp 93f)
  5. Just finished installing my intake an hour ago, it really is straight forward. Trickiest part was getting the bottom in correctly. I ordered the exhaust and intake from GM performance with 20% off and free shipping to my dealer. Ordered it Friday, arrived at dealer today. Picked up the intake to install myself, then dropping off at the dealer tomorrow at 7:00am for flash and exhaust install.
  6. Red is the only answer...but I may not be impartial?. Also, the 6.2 and 10 speed does not disappoint.
  7. Very cool! Thanks for posting your pic, I have been trying to decide between red or black bumpers, your pic made up my mind for black. I have the same roof as you...and that’s a lot of red!
  8. Loaded the wheeler up for the first time. Colors matched up!
  9. Blacked out the hood badges, and made a change to the tailgate.
  10. I am still trying to get in the habit of turning it off. It would not have made a difference for the trip I mentioned, there were no stops.
  11. I feel your pain, took 4 months to get mine. That was only after placing the order in late September (THE day the order banks opened). The wait actually began in late May when GM announced the 6.2 option on the Trail Boss, was ready to place my order that day?? It will be worth your wait.
  12. So far I am really impressed, the 10 speed helps also. Averaged 23.5mpg over 130 miles of twisty 2 lane road...that was a nice surprise. Better than expected mpg, and it will move on out too!
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