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  1. Probably won’t see any 6.2L Trail Bosses for a couple more months. I placed my order the day the 6.2L option became available, and my build date is week of 12/30, so I am expecting to see it in February.
  2. Ordered a 6.2L Trail Boss on September 26th. The order was accepted in the system the following week, then the strike stopped everything. This week it was updated to target build date week of December 30.
  3. I actually received my first update today. Scheduled to build week of 12/30, so I am guessing early February delivery. Later than I hoped, but have been waiting so long...what’s another few weeks?
  4. Thanks again. Chatted this morning, still no production date though
  5. I do have my order number, thank you for the info, much appreciated! Looks like the gmauthority site hasn’t been updating for over a month now.
  6. Already tried that with no success, was hoping someone here had a different method. Guess I should have mentioned that.
  7. Hello All, i read the UAW contract was ratified by GM employees (narrowly) yesterday. My order was placed in early October, but I haven’t tried to check it because...strike. Now that the strike is over, I am ready to start tracking like a bloodhound, but need some help finding the trail. Lol Searched the forum and cannot find any recent tracking tips. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance for your help!
  8. I saw this 1st thing this morning. Just came from the dealership...order entered! Red Hot LT Trail Boss with 6.2, sunroof, convenience I and II, and safety package. Who knows when I will actually get it (UAW strike, constraints, etc.) but at least the order is entered!
  9. Hello Everybody! First post on the forum, just placed an order for a 6.2L LT Trail Boss. The engine is still on constraint, and who knows what will happen with the strike. The dealer entered it as a "sold" order and will know Tuesday if the order is accepted by GM. At least they were able to enter the preliminary order, so that is some progress (have been anxiously waiting since the May 25th announcement of the 6.2L option in the Trail Boss and RST trims)! I will keep you posted on updates, I know from lurking here for months that several are interested in ordering the 6.2 Trail Boss.
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