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  1. Don't post useless AND incorrect info. People shouldn't "guess" at answers to technical questions or questions to which they don't have a clue what they're talking about. Sound familiar?
  2. I would love to be able to do that, unfortunately i am in Middle of Nowhere W.V. As soon as i say i want to lower my truck, people freak out.
  3. whats the difference between spindles from 2015 and 2017?
  4. Not without way more work, money and wear.
  5. 2015 Crew cab LT 4x4 with Mcgaughys 2/4 kit(34100). Just traded it for a 2wd so I could go as low as i want. This was my last pic, I'm gonna miss this one.
  6. My red 2015 has been traded(couldnt go as low as i wanted with 4wd). So here is my 2017 2wd with the same wheels and tires.
  7. Not anything noticeable with mpg, but it drives so much better.
  8. Here is my 2015. Its not much drop, only a 2/4 mcgaughys kit, but its better than the lift i had.
  9. At it again: Mcgaughys 2/4 drop, with 22" ck160 and 285/45/22 Nankang tires.
  10. Couldn't help it, another set of wheels. 22x9 ck160 replicas with 285/45/22 Nankang tires
  11. My first car was a 93 buick in flame red. (Same as victory red) Since then I've had 3 victory red trucks, 99, 08 and 15. So far on the 2015 I've added 2.5 rough country lift, 20x9 vision cannibal wheels, 275/60/20 pathfinder a/t tires, hunter truck gear step bars, took off all emblems, door trim and 4x4 stickers, replaced the stereo, all speakers, added 2 subs and an amp with all pioneer, chevy tonneau cover, and 35% tint on the front windows.
  12. If you still want a rake use the bigger block. I used the 2" block that came with the kit, my measurements after install (including tires) are 39.5 at front fender and 40 in rear.
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