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  1. 2016 LT crewcab, 129463. Replaced upper and lower A-arms, front bearings(110,000 miles), transmission(126,000 miles), catalytic converter(under warranty). Likes to through P219A code every once in a while. No catch can or AFM delete. Although since I added E rated tires AFM doesn't kick in much anymore.
  2. I just use a small air compressor. Volume wise, it's not really a lot of air in those bags. It only takes a couple of seconds to go from 5 to 30 psi. I spent most of my time releasing air to get where I wanted it to be.
  3. I have a '16 Silverado CC Z71, that I've installed a set of 5000's on my truck. I run 5 psi when I'm unloaded, it raised the back of my truck 1/2 inch. You wouldn't know they are installed. When I pull my 5000lb TT I put 30 - 35 psi in them. Rides great and brings my truck back to stock height. I could get close to stock height with WDH, but I was always a little nose high.
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