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  1. I think the inspection by a known home inspector is worth it. My last one was around $400, and I got a nice binder with the results, a dvd with the results, and the guy emailed me a pdf file with the same. I find it helped with the sellers. Having an “expert” say that the 22yr old ac units needed to be replaced went much further than me saying the same thing. Saved me a ton of money in the long run. Every house needs something. I would say, you paid for the inspection, so it belongs to you. Don’t feel pressured to give it to anyone. If the inspection shows the panel box needs to be replaced, show them the part that mentions that when asking for an allowance for the panel box, not the whole inspection. Smaller items, I would just say a few “little things need attention” and not specify much else, just ask for a few bucks depending on what needs work or refreshment. If you’re fair and honest, most people will accept that.
  2. As to hiring professionals to do things...make sure you investigate them thoroughly. I’ve been burned by a couple that had great reviews online. Don’t be afraid to call 3-4 of their past clients and go see their work. Make sure every single detail is in the contract and don’t give any more $$ up front than you’re willing to lose. There are a ton of great, fair, skilled contractors out there, but a lot of guys that are not. That’s been my biggest fail in home ownership. Hard learned lessons. Edit: use yout inspection to negotiate, even small items in need of repair can help shave a few bucks off.
  3. Almost all of my driving is in town, lots of stop and go, short (1-2mile) trips. Have 4,000 miles on the truck, 2016 cc sierra, no mods, gets 17.6 or so. I also remote start as much as possible. I start it 5-6min before I leave the house and I start it as soon as I finish checking out at any store. The only hwy driving I’ve done has been towing 4-8,000lbs. Only a few hundred miles of that mixed in.
  4. SO.... I’m allowed to get hammered at the bar, hop in my new fangled automatic car, tell that somabitch to bring me home and take a nap in the back seat on the way?? I mean, I can see how it might be useful. But who is at fault if my computer car knocks down the neighbor’s mailbox if I’m alseep in the back seat?
  5. A guy I know did that to a cop car. He didn't hang around or leave a note...but, he does pay his taxes and figures that they covered the cost of a new mirror for the government vehicle.
  6. Just got one in my email $1,000-$3,000 off. Offer depends on vehicle. Have a list of them it's good for. $2,000 on LD/HD trucks. Shoot me a pm if interested and I'll send the code...first come, first served. Expires oct 2, 2017.
  7. As the name implies, I'm offshore 75% of the year. My truck is 11months old and has 3,200 miles on her. That includes the 450 or so mile drive home from picking her up. I've actually been driving a lot more lately with renovations at the house, so on e that's finished, I imagine I'll be around 2,500 miles a year. I say drive it. That's the whole reason for owning it right?
  8. I mean, she's not hideous, but not my cup of tea. Think her mouth is too big for her face. Look strange. ...of course, I have a crooked nose, balding forehead, lazy cross eyed, and have a bit of a gimpy leg, so...I don't want to be one to criticize the way others look.
  9. Did a hair over 600 miles in a day on an old 4 speed, kick-start Harley. That was a LOOOONNNNNGGG day. The truck is much more comfortable.
  10. Yeah, haha, I thought about that after I hit "reply". I guess if it only turned on once the phone starts moving 25mph or so...I know they have some phones/apps that turn phone to silent once the phone starts moving over a certain speed. Basically to prevent one from using the cell while driving. I'm sure someone much smarter than myself could program something up. Once phone moves faster than 25mph, then stops abruptly at xyz rate, it is considered a crash situation. App sends a text "are you okay?"...no reply after x amount of time, notify authorities. If it were cheaper than onstar, I'm sure a segment of drivers may decide it's worth it. Hrmmm...if someone creates this and gets a big bag of money for it, they definitely owe me a beer or two.
  11. Like southern said...I work with a guy that keeps it because they called him after he totaled a brand new car. Says he'll never own a vehicle without it. Also claims he will stop texting and driving (caused the wreck). I'm surprised nobody has created an app that can determine when you're in a wreck and call for help. Or have they and I'm just unaware of it?
  12. Damn, tough one to swallow there. I'm assuming you're okay...glad to hear that. Sucks though. Personally, I like stock except for matching the tint. Easier to "blend" in.
  13. I did the same as others, looked at a duramax colorado, ended up with a denali sierra for the same price. I fully intended to buy the smaller truck, but no dealer would budge on the price. I've actually been using the larger bed a lot, so it worked out well.
  14. I had mine for almost 4 years and about 50,000 miles. It was a good truck to me. I had a power lock issue on the rear door and a rear wheel speed sensor. The speed sensor messed with traction control and ABS. It was $17 and took 3 minutes to fix. The lock was ~$100, took 20-30 minutes to replace that. Only two issues I recall having.
  15. I had an '09 tahoe with the 5.3....towed a~4500lb boat all the time. I never had any afm or oil issues, honestly never noticed the afm. It had 3.08 gears and left a bit to be desired when towing, but otherwise ran well.
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