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  1. I found it funny when buying my 17 that the all terrain came with black mirror caps but the much cheaper elevation edition came with color matched mirror caps. Not that I am complaining the black ones look just fine with the dark blue. Just glad it isnt chrome. The one thing that I dislike on the truck is the tail lights on my slt. Only thing on the truck with chrome all over them... I will get a current pic of my truck and throw on here sometime, Its still stock except for debadging and a few other little things.
  2. I am guessing everything you just listed as available options not standard equipment.
  3. They offer side exit systems as well, just easier to set everything up coming out the rear to get video is my guess. The side exit has both pipes coming out behind the passenger rear tire. You can see it on this truck.
  4. Lisa, do you offer systems for my crew cab standard bed 6.2L sierra??? I looked on your sight but dont see anything for it. Also great video!
  5. Does Borla not make systems for crew cab standard bed 6.2L's?
  6. Yes, your headlights and all projector style lights have a shutter that blocks the beam for low lights and fold out of the way for brights. So the same bulb is lit at the same brightness all the time it just depends on if the shutter is open or closed as to what pattern the light throws. perfect explanation found via google. Silverados have a second bulb for high beams where GMC's do not as shown. This is true for 14-15 trucks. 16-17 are both like the sierra below
  7. GM flaps are pain to install but are the best looking in my opinion. But they are not intended to be taken on and off all the time for sure.
  8. Interested in seeing/hearing the video I think tax return is going to buy a system for my 6.2
  9. Mine has it as well but it is definitely an early build as I bought the first week of October 16 and glad I did apparently i use Android Auto all the time.
  10. Bet you love the new headlights over the 14's dont ya! Love my 17 so far.
  11. Installed the 35w morimoto kit on my dads 15 sierra right after xmas. Pretty easy and straight forward install and man did it make a difference.
  12. Check your math on that one, I think its more in the ball park of 14 years old. LOL
  13. the 16-17 headlights are so much better than the 14-15 stock for stock. I put a set of 35W Morimoto HID's in my dads 15 SLE for xmas and adjusted them and they are much better now, still not as good as the LED's in my 17 but at least you can see where your going now.
  14. How can there be a shudder in the peddle when it isnt even physically connected to the engine?
  15. My first dmax had this sticker on the back glass. I had several guys in powerstrokes try to run me off the road! LOL
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