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  1. Yes there led from factory. Crazy chevrolet has you replacing the whole headlight unit when the bulb eventually goes out!
  2. Not sure what t4l is? They are projector led, with drl and trun
  3. Hi, I have 2018 Silverado 1500 black widow Edition. I bought a pair of D5S replacement bulbs only to find out there is no access on the headlight housings to change a bulb. I watched all the you tube videos that shows a “dust cover” that your remove to access the bulb to change it, however my truck does not have a removable cover, it a a solid plastic housing. I even removed the whole headlight assembly from the truck to see it there was another way to access where the bulb would be and there wasn’t any. I’m stumped, do you have any information on what the deal is with that? Thanks,
  4. Ok thank you for the information and advice. Yeah I purchased a 2018 silverado 1500 crew cab black widow. It has a 6 inch lift kit with 35×12.5r20lt rims and tires. I have fender flares on it which I want to take off and in which doing so that's how I noticed their's a difference in the front and rear track stance. I want to go with bora wheel spacers and just match up the track stance, looks wired leaving it the way it is. Thanks again for your help
  5. Hello everyone, so I've been trying to find out the track width front and rear on my 2018 silverado 1500 crew cab. I want to put wheel spacers on and I noticed their's a difference in the width of the front tires and back tires if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it.
  6. What's up ya'll.. so I'm looking to get a lift kit either 4,5 or 6inch for my 2016 silverado midnight edition crew cab. I want to keep my stock rims and tires which are 265/65/R18. Does anyone have anything similar to that on their truck? and will stock 18ich rims and tires look good on 4,5,or 6inch lift?
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