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  1. Do you have anymore pictures of this truck? Side? Rear? Love this color, I would order one now because I have a year left on my truck and wait for it.
  2. Good afternoon, Anyone have any idea when the 19's will offer the max tow package with tow mirrors? I did a build your own for a Chevy and GMC and neither offered the max tow package with tow mirrors.
  3. Bingo! Went out and tested at lunch, perfect! Thank you for the help.
  4. I had a 2015 GMC and my phone when linked with bluetooth would ding when i recieved a text and i was able to play it from the steering wheel. I recently bought a 2017 which has car play and i dont get the notice i recieved a text anymore. is this correct or should i still get the ding and on the screen it will say play and i can play from my steering wheel?
  5. so just go to the touch less washes and you wont get swirl marks?
  6. with the new soft paint these days can black trucks go t hrough normal car washes? if they are waxed heavy will a normal car wash not make swirl marks? by normal car wash I mean with the brushes and all, not a touch less
  7. my 15' GMC Max tow has grade control braking with my max tow package. (at least I believe it does lol)
  8. my SLT did not either which I thought was dumb...I have the camera with no sensors....I would have assumed buying a fully loaded truck it came with them, my 2012 chevy LT had the sensors...oh well, the camera is nice to hook up to my camper solo.
  9. my driver mirror is good the only time my p/s mirror shakes is very high winds.
  10. YES! I have the same problem but hardly mention it because people think I am nuts..these things blind you and you cannot see right or left at night when they are on.
  11. I am not sure if the manufactures have any idea on the actual weights. Mine has been pretty close, mine showed 6900 dry and with all our gear and everything 7300 so I thought that was great. what length is yours? do you have people try and tell you its too big for your truck? I hate that, even when I show the scale ticket then their next argument is well good luck stopping...well I don't drive 80 towing the thing and I have trailer brakes.
  12. this looks almost like mine, i have a 35 foot shadow cruiser with outdoor kitchen and second entrance to bathroom...7300 lbs cat scaled loaded...ready to tow it with my max tow gmc.
  13. had them on my last 2 rigs and i absolutely will not purchase another top. easy to remove if needed, can fold back and most importantly keeps everything bone dry...not to mention i can lock my tail gate and everything is locked up which i like.
  14. is this a 14 issue? my 15 screen 1) adjusts with the dash gauges so it gets pretty dim and 2) i have the ability to shut the screen off totally.
  15. yeah just a blank box when in motion, listen or dismiss. I have tried each way possible to send one...like mentioned earlier its not a big deal sending, if I am parked I can use my phone. I do enjoy the option to listen to the text driving though.
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