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  1. Finally replaced my thermostat. It fixed the issue. Engine stays at 210°.
  2. Did you figure out the what was causing the temp to fluctuate?
  3. My truck went in for warranty work because the passenger side lifters failed, which required them to remove the radiator. I got my truck back about a month ago and the engine temperature gauge has been doing the exact same thing as your describing. It fluctuates between 190-210 constantly. Before I took my truck in, it would stay perfectly at 210 all the time. I've tried purging the radiator to see if there was any air stuck in the system with no luck. Let me know if you find out what the cause is.
  4. Which cover are you entering to win? I am entering to win ONE (1) 14-ON Chevy/GMC Full Size 1500 5’ 8” Box. Tell us why the LOMAX cover is perfect for your truck? It is perfect because it has a weather tight seal, no drains, no gutters, it looks great, and it has the easy ability to remove and reinstall it when needed. What features are most important to you when buying a tonneau cover, why? The most important feature is the ability to keep my objects dry in inclement weather. I carry various power tools in the bed of my truck for work and I am constantly moving tools from the bed of my truck to the rear seat when it starts raining. Do you have a tonneau cover on your truck? If so, which cover is it? Why are you looking for a change? No, I do not have one. I have been recently researching them. What do you use your truck for? I use my truck for personal use and work.
  5. PM JoeCCS on this site. He is usually quick to respond. Also, I would suggest adding the pro series check valve and clean side separator.
  6. I have had the Elite E2 and the UPR on my 2015 Silverado. The UPR catches more oil and the hoses and connections are 10x better than the Elite. I had to replace the Elite hoses due to them collapsing. If you decide to go with the UPR, there is a UPR vendor on this forum that offers a discount for GM-Trucks.com forum members. The UPR is pricey, but well worth it over the Elite IMO.
  7. Fits 2014+ Silverado/Sierra with the 5.3L. I had it on my truck for about 5k miles. I bought it used off eBay and there are two very tiny holes on top of the air box due to previous owner. Doesn’t effect the performance of the intake. It comes with all hardware needed for installation. $225 shipped or pickup in Tyler, Tx.
  8. No, I didn't replace the bearings. They seemed fine when I was inspecting them. I did replace the seals though. Does yours have the rear end shake? My shake was coming from rear end and I never felt in the steering wheel.
  9. I know the Bilsteins are an improvement over the stock Rancho's, I'm looking for some input from people with the z60 suspension package and have added Bilstein 5100s or 4600s to their truck. I have read that some people say its rougher and some say smoother with the z60. My stock black shocks are starting to leak with just 55k miles on them. I don't really want to replace them with the black OEM shocks if they only last roughly 50k miles. Thanks
  10. I have this one but with the 5.3 and it is loud. I emailed AFE to get the plug for the forward opening because it was too loud for my taste. The plug quieted it down some for daily driving. When going full throttle, I would rate the OEM air intake 1 out of 10 on loudness and the AFE Momentum GT either an 8 or 9 out of 10. I don't have any videos for comparison...
  11. Do you think the aFe Momentum GT would have similar results to this? It's a semi sealed intake with an opening that sucks in air from the engine bay. http://afepower.com/afe-power-51-74104-momentum-gt-pro-dry-s-cold-air-intake-system
  12. Are y'all daily driving these trucks with over 500hp to the wheels? What about towing? I occasionally tow a skid steer. I know something like a whipple would be better for towing, but I care more about speed and it does fine right now towing without forced induction.
  13. 53k miles on mine with AFM active and doesn't burn any
  14. 2015 Chevrolet Crew Cab 5.5' Bed 5.3L 6-Speed 3.42 70+ mph Solutions: Driveshaft rebalanced, roadforced balanced all 4 tires, & front end alignment by independent shops. Better but still there. Replaced both rear axles shafts with Yukon Gear axles, vibration free since
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