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  1. Put my optima battery tender on it. It showed 12.7 volts but only around 50% charged. It's currently on the battery tender. We'll see what happens
  2. Long story short, my truck had a dead battery from leaving my enclosed trailer hooked up for about 2 weeks. Jump start the truck. I do the window down and up program for the drivers side, and nothing works for the passenger side front window. Even tried the programming in the owner's manual. Disconnected the negative post to see if it would reset and same issues. Any advice? 2020 silverado 2500
  3. Thanks. I just seen other threads on it after I posted of course lol
  4. I have a 2020 Silverado 2500 HD LTZ and when my car trailer is plugged into the truck while the truck is turned off, the led brake lights on the trailer will very dimly flash once every 3-5 seconds. Not sure if the security light is back feeding through the trailer lights? There is no issues while the truck is running, only while it id turned off. Any ideas?
  5. Any thoughts on this: https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/garage-door-opener-package-(for-vehicles-equipped-with-auto-dimming-rearview-mirrors)-84350235?year=2020&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado 2500 HD&modelId=494&body=Crew Cab Pickup&bodyId=22&wheelId=157&trim=LTZ&trimId=478&drive=RWD&driveId=7&engine=6.6L V8 GAS&engineId=17733&bodyNumDoors=5&categoryId=98031
  6. Nope I don't have any of those, I never thought to even check that, I just figured it came with it
  7. Ok that would make sense, I don't believe i have the convenience package #2
  8. I recently purchased a 2020 Silverado 2500 LTZ and come to find out there is no garage door opener options in the truck. Is there anyway I can add the garage door buttons to the truck? I don't want to use the the regular garage door openers that come with the garage doors or I'm I just out of luck. It's hard to believe a new truck wouldn't come with this feature unless it's hidden and I have no idea where it it lol.
  9. I'm in a contest to possibly win a In-Tech 24' enclosed trailer. Go the the link, watch the videos and vote for me: Derek Simon and submit your vote, you can submit up to 5 votes per email address. I would really appreciate it if you would. Please vote for me! https://www.intechtrailers.com/max-the-tach
  10. 2000 Silverado 2500 6.0 This morning while trying to start my truck in -8*F this morning, my truck would just make one click sounding like it was coming starter, turn key off, and then the same thing, this happened about 3-4 times until it fired right up. It would only make one click and not multiple clicks like it would if the battery is dead. Also happened after sitting at work today for about 4 hours. Tried it 3 times and all i got was was one click each time then on the 4th try fired right up. Will start right up after it has been running. This seems like it will only happen after it has been sitting for a little bit. Battery tested good which I'm going to double check to make sure the terminals are tight, all the following are one year old: starter, cam sensor, crank sensor, pass lock sensor. Any suggestions?
  11. Yeah it was some type of sensor under the steering wheel. It was sending wrong information to the computer where it was putting my truck into a security safe mode. I can't remember what the part was called though
  12. Truck is a 2000 Silverado 6.0 with the 4L80E trans with 250k miles, no burnt fluid and it still looks pretty clean. After shifting into 4th when the converter locks up and drops 4-500 rpm, every once and a great while there will be like a rpm flare up 3-400 rpm then drops down again quickly. Happens maybe once a week. Any advice on what could be causing this. I did some reading around and possible a solenoid? It happens with and without towing my car and car trailer behind it.
  13. Fair enough. I'll probably grab some of that stop leak and see what happens
  14. I bought the cold AC brand that also has the leak stopper in it as well.
  15. As the title states I have a 2000 Silverado 2500 6.0 with some AC issues. Back in march I put a new compressor, orifice tube filter, and accumulator in. About a 3 weeks ago the air hasn't been as cold as before, it's been cool but not cold. The AC compressor has been kicking off and on like clock work. I thought maybe the high pressure switch on the accumulator was bad so I replaced it and same thing. So I bought the refrigerant in a can yesterday and hooked it up and the PSI on the guage read about 35 PSI. So I put it up to about 40 PSI and and instantly got colder. Now today after getting home from work the air is back to being just "cool", so I just hooked the guage back up and while the clutch is engaged I can watch the PSI needle steadily drop to about 25PSI, then the clutch disengages and then I can steadily watch the PSI climb to about 55-60PSI then the clutch engages again and the PSI drops again, and this pattern just continues. Also the compressor is engaging and disengaging even the the AC button in the truck if off and just the regular air is on. Any tips on what to do next? No I haven't added any dye yet to see if it's leaking anywhere either. Trying to make that a last resort
  16. http://www.opt-7.com/redline-triple-led-tailgate-light-bar-with-reverse-sequential-turn-signals/
  17. Alright on my 2000 Silverado 6.0 LQ4 I bought speed engineering long tubes and x pipe. I know it will be stupid loud basically straight piped, I do have some 3" glass packs I could use but I have a feeling those will barely cut down the loudness at all. Other than high flow cats which I don't want to put on unless I absolutely have to, would a muffler help cut down on the some sound and mainly cut down on any rasp and keep it somewhat decent in the truck. I really liked how it sounded with stock exhaust minus the muffler. Not sure what I should do
  18. Bought a set of Mastercraft AXT 265/70/16 and some new exhaust for the truck
  19. 2001 Camaro V6. I've done pretty well with it over the years
  20. A bulb is bad somewhere. I used LEDs and a different flasher for mine
  21. I got a 2000 2500 6.0. It like the gas but doesn't have any problems towing. I'd get a 5.3 or 6.0
  22. he already told me that he is going to check all that stuff only bad thing is he can only check 1 or 2 things while my truck won't start, once it starts, it usually doesn't have a problem. Engine coolant temp sensor I'm assuming?
  23. No as in not starting at all. I don't have a direct injector engine either
  24. Ahh fair enough. I only use 87. i did put some of the lucas injector cleaner in the tank about 3-4 days before all this happened but I don't think that should affect it any, I've been using it for quite a while
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