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  1. All cosmetic between the two...way back in the day GMC was more of a working man truck, bigger engines ETC..it's mostly a marketing ploy now a days
  2. I think it's right around 100 in my neck of the woods. Basically an hour's worth of labor.
  3. It's normal it rides gears out to heat everything up faster
  4. Oh boy lol, I can't really tell whats what on it besides what little the online add mentions..it appears to be somewhat modded, like blacked out with tow mirrors
  5. I posted this here because I'm sure the techs on here have seem plenty of common issues with gmt900s..anyways I'm helping a buddy try to find a truck and he's looking at an 09 Sierra, with the 5.3.
  6. So far CEL has stayed off, it's gotten pretty cold here during the night, and it hasn't ran any different..
  7. Mine will if you are feathering it when you need to actually let it feed..
  8. The exhaust leak is quite possible. From day one it's had exhaust rattle and you can hear it lurch and pop after start up. The light did flip on while cruising on a bumpy rural road while going 70 lol.
  9. Sounds like you need a little more truck..not a tuner. 7k dry weight not counting whatever else you bring+people+fuel seems like it might be pushing the limits of the truck..but that's me just rough guessing in my head..i could be wrong
  10. Thanks for the reply, every once in awhile I will get a mild whiff of coolant when its sat all night but not always. Like I said it idles and drives fine. I hopped in it tonight and drove to work (flipped the key and off I went with no warm up) and it ran fine. My buddy cleared the code, to see if it comes back..do you think they could of potentially been a fluke? also I've noticed it runs a little warmer then it did when I first got it, I figured with it being close to 100 degrees outside that it was normal..
  11. pulled trouble code "P0171" for a lean bank condition...blazers idles and drives fine, but it was unholy hot outside and I was driving it rather hard..any ideas?
  12. Yeah, I have a buddy with a scan tool. I just guessed o2 sensor seeing as the truck runs fine, just seems to got a little thirstier fuel wise. Tail pipe also looks like it's been burning oil for awhile
  13. Well service engine soon light came on today. I'm guessing an o2 sensor took a shit
  14. I never renewed my OnStar, once in a blue moon we will activate the wifi for like a few gig usage if we are traveling otherwise we leave it alone as it is pricey. I did keep xm though, I don't stream music off my phone though. As far as leveling, I do believe you will get error warnings on your dash if you remove those magnetic shocks...
  15. I've heard from many retired gm workers that gm had hybrid tech back in the 70s but gas companies weren't about to let that happen.
  16. I was told to never invest in after market warranty's. It's just a way to make a bigger profit off of you. And when push comes to shove chances are whatever needs repair won't be covered.
  17. Why not just move up into a newer 6.0 with a higher trim package?
  18. What kind of oil you running. My 04 was pretty talkative til I put mobil 1 in it..
  19. Dealership tag, fob, house key and truck key. I try to keep my keyring to a minimal. I don't want to look like a dark age jailer lugging 50 kings around
  20. Ended up ordering a tulson holster. Not sure how I'll like it but I'll give it a whirl.
  21. I tend to park the truck til my days off, one the beater is easier on fuel, the route to work is on ragged roads through rough parts of town. And it's such a short drive I figured its going to hurt the truck more then help it through such short start up and shutdowns. Don't get me wrong I love driving the truck, but it's seeMs more economical to beat a rust bucket to work and enjoy the truck when I have time to really drive it...lastly I'm the type that keeps a vehicle for a decade minimal, so it's nice knowing I'm keeping the wear and tear to a minimal.
  22. How cold are we talking here. I live in an area that gets pretty damn cold, and know plenty of people that get by fine without plugging in. The biggest headache is treating the fuel, and ive heard bio likes to crystalize in the cold.
  23. What are you using for a holster? I wanted an alien gear but it seems they don't offer one for the compact
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