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  1. My 2016 Silverado 1500 has 13,500 miles with leaking differential at the spline and yoke
  2. My 2016 Chevrolet Silverado pinion shaft seal is leaking at 13,000 miles.The truck has had the vibration problem since brand new.My 4th attempt to repair it this Tuesday.If GM fails again to rectify this problem this time.I am going to litigation for the buy back
  3. This occurred during my last visit to rectify the vibration issue of which was not resolved.Notches from being hit by hammer or something?
  4. Yeah I hear ya.Hopeful the appointment I made for Friday in regards to my rear drive shaft goes well and all is rectified. I also noticed the rear end is wet from some kind of leakage.Gear oil saturated halfway back on the pumpkin starting at the yoke where the drive shaft goes in.That's a red flag as well.Just don't have time and the tolerance anymore jumping through the hoops like a circus. I'm trying
  5. Wow,that's horrible. I myself after this final drive shaft service that I asked for after multiple visits to the original dealership that made hammer notches in my rear shaft.Will never buy a GM brand again.
  6. Thank you so much for posting this.My truck is going back in for the drive shafts inspection.
  7. Was wondering if I always have to return to the dealership I purchased my truck? I traveled over an hour away.In regards to this ongoing vibration issue.
  8. That's interesting.I will follow up with the torque converter issue.Thank you!
  9. As you said it has to be in the drivetrain.That is what I was saying since the day I drove it home.Ghost vibration at highway speeds.Did so much research on drive shafts with angles etc. I still think it's to do with the drivetrain. I purchased new wheels and tires.The truck still has slight vibration at highway speeds.Just sickening.
  10. To answer your question,rebalancing my driveshaft made no difference.They claimed to have done some bushing change outs to my rack and pinion of which did minimize the problem.Vibration is still present.
  11. Yes the service manager was fired for unknown reasons.The dealership ended up going through GM protocol steps and eventually something to do with the front end was inspected and replaced(bushings).Has improved significantly,sad to say the vibe ration is rather minimal now.But still present.I just ordered new 18" aluminum wheels and will be having them mounted next week along with new tires.Hopefully this helps.Most likely purchasing Firestone destination A/T's.Have to be much better than the stock steel wheels and 17" Bridgestone duller tires.Crossing my fingers!
  12. Disconnected my a/c-heating controls while truck was running to hook up my back up cam.plugged it back in and the controls don't light up and not working at all.Please help!

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