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  1. Nasty, I ended up trimming the axle pads to resolve the issue I was having with my notch. Gonna set it back down to 8" in the next few weeks to see what happens. I don't think removing spacers from the struts is gonna bring it down to level though...so 7 might be where it stays until next year.
  2. Just to follow up on this: The notch was definitely not centered to begin with. I put the 1/2" lift shackles back in and jacked up the differential to get a better idea of what everything looked like before I switched to the 1" lowering shackle, and it's the same. Working with the installer on a solution.
  3. Just pulling the blocks wouldn't change enough to insert shims, but blocks in combination with shackles might.
  4. Down 4.5 in front with spindles, struts, and springs...still aligns within spec.
  5. Street Edge (bolt-on). Belltech's were backordered.
  6. The slight change in angle of the leaf places the axle slightly further forward when the suspension is under load, and it no longer lines up with the notch. Axle is hitting the frame right where the notch begins. The notch also may not have been perfectly centered to begin with.
  7. So what's the difference between a 6.5 and 8" rear drop? An axle that no longer aligns with the notch. Yeah, I'm kinda frustrated.
  8. I'm gonna have to jump under there and see where my stops sit compared to yours. I didn't think the Belltechs were that soft, but now I need to consider alternatives. Helpers definitely wouldn't hurt either. Now that it's down, going back up isn't really all that fun.
  9. Tighter radius than a lot of cars. Lol. Nice video.
  10. Belltech Street Perfomance on a double cab. That extra 500 pounds makes a bigger difference than I thought it would. I forget...did you end up with Vikings or QA1's?
  11. So I just went down to 8 in the back...and apparently had nowhere near the clearance that I thought I did, even with the c-notch. It bangs way hard. May I recommend an underbed notch to anyone who wants to go down that far? Lol. Gonna give it a few weeks to decide if I'll keep it there or come back up just a little. First impression is that I can deal with it. The pinion angle still needs to be adjusted, but otherwise the driveshaft should be fine. I only had a 3/4" gap before contacting the output seal after going down 6 1/2, but any change here was pretty minor.
  12. I'm sitting 4.5/6.5 on a 4wd and I've got the shackles to take it down to 8" once the new wheels show up on Tuesday. Gonna wait to see how that looks before I decide if I want to remove spacers on the struts to bring it down to 5" up front. That's a lot of extra work for half an inch, and sacrifices some ride quality, but if it needs to happen then I'm all about it.
  13. There's a pretty well known turbo 14 Sierra SLT out there running low 11's on a 6/9 drop. I think you gonna be fine.
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