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  1. I'm selling a set of 4 LRG Rims Insomnia Series 20x9 Wheels in Satin Black. The tires are Pro Comp 35x12.50R20 Tire, Xtreme MT2. The set is mounted, balanced and also includes tire sensors. These have approx. 350 miles on them and am selling for a friend who went with a larger lift + 40s. Located in Burbank, CA Asking $1600 Reference links for each below: Wheels: https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/lrg-rims-insomnia-series-110-20x9-wheel-with-8-on-180-bolt-pattern-satin-black-11029089718/_/R-FVCN-11029089718 Tires: https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/pro-comp-35x12-50r20-tire-xtreme-mt2-701235/_/R-BKBR-701235
  2. Have you browsed this lifted truck D.B.? https://www.customwheeloffset.com/wheel-offset-gallery also, I think offset is also a determining factor. For example, I fit 35x12.5x18 BFG ATs on the stock black 18s on my 2019 2500 with no trimming / rubbing. I noticed not factoring in offset makes the biggest difference. Shop is installing a 6 inch pro comp kit now, and I can fit 37s with minor trimming due to using the right offset.
  3. Everyone's compromised nowadays. FYI the average Facebook user in the U.S. was 40.5 years old.
  4. Bye-bye "sport bar"

    I own a black 2500 All Terrain w/ the All Terrain X package with is as well. The sport bar also served as a light bar mount, I also utilize this for mounting other items, etc. All personal preference but it's standard on the X's. The Pkg also includes the black wheels, and side steps. Don't mind having the option to sell if needed since many non X packaged truck owners seem to like them.
  5. Been running 35x12.5x18 BFG KO2's on my 2500 with completely stock suspension for 14k miles now. no rubbing fender well, air dam, etc.
  6. 😀 - sure, was to keep my house battery topped off and help with running the ARB fridge. All for an overland type of setup - many people have them in that community

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