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  1. Does anybody know the tread width on a 285/75R17 BFG KO2? I know their website has them at 11.3” wide but that’s on an 8” wide wheel. My wheel is 9” wide. I’ve heard each 1/2” equates to .2” of width either way. So does that mean if I mounted that tire on my wheel they would measure 11.7” wide??? Thanks
  2. RSAY, your truck looks great. I have the same tire but a 295/70/17 and they stick out quite far even though my wheels are +18 offset. I am going to do the new Cooper Discoverer ATS XLTs though. Now I know they won’t rub being about a 1/2 taller.
  3. Looks awesome!!! Do you mind posting a rear picture to see actual width of tires
  4. Dmaxnaz, love the look!!! What size tire? Do you tow by chance? Thanks
  5. Seaspacer2 did you end up doing the Zone 3” lift? If so can you post pictures and what size tire you did, thanks!!
  6. RSAY3 can you post a picture of your truck please. Was thinking about getting those size tires next time. Thanks
  7. I just bought a 2019 Silverado 2500HD. Turn the keys 4 times each and put on a 295/70R17 Nitto Ridge Grappler with 17x9 XDs. No rubbing at all. Blacked out the windows. Removed the rear mud flap for better clearance and looks better to me anyways.
  8. I’m getting a 2019 Silverado 2500 in a few weeks and want to raise the front about an inch. What’s the easiest way to crank the torsion bars? Also, I have a 295/70R17 tire ready to go, will they fit?
  9. Thanks GForce! Would you mind posting a picture, including the ones where we can see how much the tires stick out of the wheel well. Thanks!!
  10. Last question...when you turned the keys did you jack up one side at a time or both? I think I will turn 4 times and see if the tires fit. Thanks
  11. Love your truck!!! I got my new 17x9 +18 this week and waiting for the tires to get in. I ordered 295/70R17 Nitto ridge grapplers, do you think they’ll fit keeping my 2500 stock height or worse case turning the keys a few times? Want to actually keep the rake since I pull a 7-8k travel trailer. Thanks.
  12. Okay cool thanks. I ended up ordering 17x9 +18 offset wheels, and 295/70R17 tires (33.3”x11.77”). Hope it will all fit. Might give the torsion bar bolts like 2 full turns to get front end up about .5”. I tow a 7500k TT so want to keep the rake.
  13. Just confirming the black HD has 35x12.5x18 tires with no lift at all? That’s crazy.
  14. Going to get after market 17s with at least an 18mm offset. Can you attach a link to your pictures please.
  15. Yes it was a typo!! Haha. I want 295/70R17, will go 285/70R17s if I have to. I prefer though the look of filling the wheel well with as much tire without rubbing. If you get those tires gearheadesw post a picture! Thanks
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