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  1. Not sure if I'm going to keep them on long or not, but got a LED strip to run across the top of my grill. My son really likes it, so might keep it on for a while.. SilverHolder™ Dynamic Car Hood LED Strip - Dynamic White
  2. Picked up a wireless Android Auto adapter(Moto MA1). Giving it a try, so far so good. Connects within a couple secs. I have the magnetic charging cable for my phone, so wasn't a real hassle to just connect it wired. But wanted to try the wireless option. Unless I'm going on a long trip, not plugging it in is nice.
  3. Nice! I was looking at the the 2 different speaker models, 4ohm/2ohm. Great deal on getting the dual 2ohm and having it wired to 1 ohm. now some fine tuning .
  4. You running the speaker and amp at 2 ohms? Couldn't tell what exact speaker came with your kit from the ebay listing if it's the 4 or 2 ohms one.
  5. Yeah, that would suck. Good thing that's not what I had to use..
  6. Yup. Second picture in my post, you can see the amp where I connected the bypass harness to it.
  7. There's 3 harness included, I only used one for the Bose amp to bypass.I have the Bose system. I haven't had any issue with Pac stuff, been installed for 2 years now. Phone works great and the little amount of radio listening I do, no issues, mainly stream.
  8. I got his box as well, not the whole kit like yours, just the box and put in a Kicker CompRT 43CWRT81, hits really nice. I installed the AmpPRO AP4-GM61 to get rid of the bass roll, used with PAC APH-GM02 AmpPro bypass haness, makes for a clean install. Running my setup off a Fosgate P1000x5. Put it on a plexiglass and bent(heated it to bend) the top so I can bolt it on via rivet nut to the back, worked out great. Runs my 4 doors and the sub great. I left the front dash to the Bose amp. I get chime and everything. You can adjust the chime loudness via Ampro AP4-GM61. I also mounted the bass knob in the center console, work great.
  9. Nice. I'll have to hit you up soon if I don't go the stack method. I'm looking at the Fosgate PP4-T and PPS4-8. I already have some kicker components in the front door and replaced the dash ones as well, that was just to get me by. Wasn't sure if those 8 would have fit behind the grill. I don't like the pods that sit on top of the door, was never my thing.
  10. Where did you pick up your pods? I've seen some, but they were for outside the door installs. I thought of doing the template stack method with a router. Those look nice if they fit behind the normal door grill.
  11. Have you gotten any further with this? I was looking at these options to keep remote start. Get a remote control RF relay. Remote Relay Or get a GPS tracker with kill switch. Both have some battery reserve(couple hours is what they say). These two look the same, just packaged and supported by different companies I guess. They both have web and phone app. SinoTrack ST-906 GPS You can use a pre-paid SIM($5/month lowest plan), I purchased Speedtalk. Will see about getting one from AT&T, if they even have one. I purchased this one just to check out. I do like the fact that, even after enabling the cut off command, if the power is removed, once you apply power again, it will switch the relay to disconnect(PIN 30/87a) again, until you send the command to recover. Another choice is TrackmateGPS: TrackmateGPS They have their own plan package. I was looking at these options as a backup to the Onstar sub I have. I have the security plan, but this will be more of an actual remote kill switch. I just need to look at the schematics. There is this one, but some of the fuse he pulled, when I pulled it on mine to check, it still started..
  12. Check these 2 thread out: I did this one on mine. I already had the OEM bed lights, but I added LED strips and added a button in the bed to turn off/on whenever.
  13. I believe the floor under the rear seat on the crew cab is flat. Just look up rear seat floor mats, that should give you an idea of the floor contour.
  14. You can use iDatalink Maestro RR2 Interface Module. If you go to their site, you can match up your truck to see which current Head units they supports. They pretty much support all the options and then some with that module. I was looking at the Sony XAV-9500ES, which they support, but decided, I'll hold off until my OE head unit dies first.. https://www.idatalinkmaestro.com/en/
  15. I got that same dash cam, really like it. Even with my 'dark' tint on the back, still get great videos.
  16. Oh ok. I have the LED setup now, so I'll replace them with these when they finally go out. Yeah, all those are from the forums.. haha!
  17. I really need to stay away from this thread.. Is the light output any better? I like the LED output on mine now.
  18. I got the same setup, really like the dash cam. I'm surprise at how well it shows on the back window with a 5% tint..
  19. Does the camera stay on when you're stopped and the blinker is activated? My camera setup can trigger it by speed as well, so when I'm at a stop and my blinkers are on, they go back to normal view and once I start moving again, the video feed comes back on. My front camera can also get triggered by speed(when you slow down to a certain speed 5/mph??) to come on as well, basically good for parking close to something(like my garage wall ) . I like that default OEM option, I like the Left/Right and Left/Right/Trailer option it has, mine don't have those.. :(.
  20. Yup, I get it. Just the price difference from doing a whole bed to my two small skid plates got me.. lol.. They got to make money. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  21. Nice. I just bought a raptor liner spray kit. I got my skid plates and installed them, then saw someone line-x their skid plate. My local shop(one of them) must be smoking crack, they wanted $250 each(there are 2 plates) and they are only 23x32 inches each. Another shop said between $100-200 each.. sheesh.. I paid $350 to have my bed line-x with UV protection when I bought my truck new.. oh well..
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