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  1. Finally jumped on the catch-can wagon, went with the UPR. With my low miles, figured it wouldn't hurt to have it. Will see how it works in the long run. Just another thing for me to remember to look at after so many mile.. Up next will be to install the updated TBV. Maybe in the next week or two I'll install it, just arrived today. I had the STL010, but returned it for the GM updated TBV, only a couple $$ more. Summer is coming so wanted to see how much it drops the temp.
  2. Did an oil change and rotated tires. Glad I switched to the F107N after the 1st oil change, keeps everything clean. Took a bit for relearn after the tire rotation.. passenger rear was finicky on how I had to hold the TPMS relearn tool(EL-50448).
  3. Yes, with the 2" height, it just clears the latches in the back to be able to fold down, once seat is unfolded, it latches(maybe a 1/2" to 1") on the back loop. I think the LMI 2.5" kit, it doesn't latch back in. 2" was just the right height for what I wanted.
  4. Added some 2x2" by 1/8th" wall square tubing to raise my back seats up making room for under seat speaker box. Was a tedious process with limited space for wrench inside the tubing.. Just clears the latches on the back so seat can fold down as well. Tubing, bolts, washer and nuts all under $60.(having a drill press and miter-saw helps) might be cheaper/convenient for the LMI kits if not.. Also swapped to the boost wireless center console charger.. hmmm.. little pricey for the quality.. but it made my center console wireless charging pad useful now(wife likes it).
  5. My OEM head unit already had Carplay/AA, but wanted wireless version and bigger screen(all the extra stuff is bonus). Trying to justify the amount for a head unit of the same size wasn't going to cut it for me.. I've been looking for quite some time, was looking at Linkswell, Sony XAV-9500ES and Alpine Halo11 iLX-F511. I wanted a bigger screen to split screen apps. Those couldn't do that for me, have to get what works best for you, regardless of the name brand. Not sure what not being an Android guy has to do with it, since pretty much all head units does Carplay/Android Auto. No offense taken, to each their own. I have Amazon/Apple/Google products at home, all serve it's purpose. One big happy family..
  6. So, just looking at the listing, it does state it supports original 360 camera. There is a live chat on their site, so you can verify with them. Link to Product info and site Newest Android 11 ! 14.4″ QHD 2K 2560 x 1440 IPS Touch Screen ! Retain Original BOSE Premium Sound System ! Retain Original Sirius XM radio ! Retain Original OnStar Info System ! Retain Original Climate Control ! Retain Original 360 Cameras and Reverse Camera ! Retain Original Steering Wheel Control ! Factory OEM Fit, No modification is required ! No Mounting Bracket or Cutting Wiring is required !
  7. So, I turned on the full navigation and it does the same thing, it will lower the music volume when giving directions. I don't listen to my music really low, but I don't crank it up all the time(only certain songs ) . I didn't bother with the other settings(boost) as I thought it sounded ok.
  8. I've been sitting on this one for a while, was looking at the '18+ mod, but I think with this one, it might work better. I might get this one too. I already bought a fast charge pad that goes into the organizer tray up front and works good. Would be nice to have this as an option, as long as I remember my phone is there and I don't open the lid with it on(first ride home after getting my truck, did that and it flew to the back seat.. )
  9. Yeah, I didn't want to take a chance and be out $85 since seller already told me about the issue. Plus the discount offer expired already. Took me a couple weeks just to find time to install this one .
  10. For the angle I wanted it was pretty much touching the top of the inside housing(back of the camera). I added some double sided tape(the one used for attaching like cell phone panels) to build it up to the right angle and then I just hot glue gun it to the top housing once I got the views I wanted. I know it will stay put, as I had to remove it a couple times and I was having a hard time removing the hot glue on the housing.. I used silicone adhesive to seal around the camera lens from the inside. Basically put a bead around the lens housing and pushed it in so it would seal. I have some other ideas after doing this one, might get another 3rd brake light off eBay and play with it. There was a listing on eBay for the 19-22 third brake light with camera, got an offer to buy it for $75.. but vendor said it was a customer return since the person bought it and hooked up the camera and it didn't work for them.. Vendor has no way of testing it if customer error or if it's really broken.. Listed as new..
  11. Nice!! Yeah, plug n play until I got to the brake light.. I've thought about trading up(liked the new dash/entertainment), but my trucks been paid off 3 months after I bought it new.. and I don't like payments.. I would like to have the HUD, but I looked at that mod and was like.. eh..
  12. Thanks! I 'might' redo later on, but for now, it's great! Getting the view/level angle I wanted was a pain.. I live in PNW, so my main concern was how good did I seal it..
  13. Finally finished the rearview camera mod.. took long enough.. Took some tweaking to get it as level as I could and the right angles, along with some LED strip for the brake light and swapped out my old brake flasher to one with a timeout. Rearview camera upgraded/mod 19-22 rearview camera mirror
  14. Finally got around to installing the camera into the brake light. Need to get used to the depth perception with the camera when driving.. I used a Dremel first, them a step bit. I opened it up from the inside, then finished it off with a down angle. I used the center dimple as well. My main thing was to see into the truck bed/rear when my Bakflip was all the way up blocking my view and this does the job. I also knew the brake light bulb was going to be an issue, so ordered two 6" LED strips and used those as the brake light, turned out really nice. I already had LED bulbs in there. I upgraded the lights to brighter LED as well. Swapped out my brake flasher with one that had a timeout feature. Video of the adjustment: 2017 rearview camera
  15. My multi-cam will work in regular console mode. Not sure I'm going to get the 360 cam anytime soon, since I'm ok with the current setup using it in console mode. If I do, I'll def post something.
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