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  1. Download paint.net(free) and resize your pictures so they are not that big. Maybe the picture itself is bigger than the amount you have to attach a picture. Check the properties to see the size of the picture. Before I upload, I usually resize them to change it's size and resolution. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  2. Window tint

    This is mine with 20% up front and 5% on rear doors and back window. I'm actually thinking of going 5% up front as well or getting the front windshield tinted some to not let so much light in.... not sure yet.. lol I can see out the back at night when cars are behind me (lights). It doesn't bother me. But I don't do that much night time driving in my truck. And I also installed side cameras, so I can see the side in my head unit when I turn my blinkers on or activate it whenever.. In the day, if looking from behind, yeah, you can see(shadows) from the back if it's bright outside due to that big windshield letting so much light in. But that's about it. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  3. I got the same dash cam, hardwired in as well, like the park feature. I bought the GPS mount for my wife's car for speed tracking... Lol Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  4. Mine's always on the home screen when I start, but that's because I always use AA and I launch it from the home screen all the time. I'll have to try leaving it on something else and see if it goes back to home screen like it's being reported here. Not sure if it would bother me if it always starts on home screen
  5. Yeah, I've asked him a couple times, didn't get the vibe he would be willing to do more to sell. But.. here is his Etsy page, you can ping him, see what he says.. https://www.etsy.com/shop/OverlandCNC
  6. Maybe it's a phone thing. I'm going to give it a try with just starting Waze, then Google maps (workout starting AA). [emoji28] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  7. 1. It's easier for the passenger to pull the handle twice to only unlock their side. So that's a good one. Otherwise doors still unlocks while in gear by hitting the unlock button. 2. At this point if I have to lean out that far where I need to open the door, I'd rather just put it in park so I don't accidently slip off the brake reaching out. But that's just me.. [emoji28] 3. My driveway in pretty steep and curves, so this is probably not going to work for me.. [emoji28] I know once you unlock the doors to let someone out, even if you stay in gear, you have to hit a certain speed (5mph??) and the doors will auto lock again. I did go out to my truck and try the double pull while in gear, pretty cool. [emoji106] Good examples for its use you gave. I think the auto lock is more to keep people from opening your door from the outside (car jacking/kidnappings) comes to mine when the vehicle is just stopped at a light or whatever. Thanks for the examples. I was thinking, why would I want that feature while I'm in gear (was thinking truck was still in motion due to bring in gear). But yours were when stopped, in gear, and not having to hit the unlock button. Yeah, I grew up riding with unlock doors, never fell out either, I enjoy living. [emoji28] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  8. I'm just curious. I'm trying to think about it and the only thing I'm coming up with is, why would you want the doors to unlock while in gear/motion? I'm thinking safety hazard. I can understand if it's in park... I already knew about the child locks for the back doors, which I think are great for keeping kids from accidently opening the door while in motion or having them fling the door open when it's a tight squeeze into a parking space. On a different note. I thought it was just a glitch, but it's constantly working for me. But, with AA, at times I like the clean look of maps better than Waze(someone's there's just so much stuff going on in Waze) But I like the warnings Waze gives. What I've been doing lately is, starting Waze, hit the map symbol again, then choose Google maps. Waze seems to run in the background and still calls out hazards, red light cameras, etc... weird... Feature/bug... [emoji28] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  9. Happy Monday!

    I agree. I have to tell my wife at times when she goes to work to stop leaving her phone in the car. Even when we go out, she will try to leave her wallet in the car. I have to remind her to take it with her. It's the temptation factor for a casual thief, "Hey, it's sitting right there, this will be a quick one". Hopefully he will be able to get his stuff back. We both have a dash cam, but I see that as only good for when I'm driving to have for accidents. I leave it in my car for the parking lot accident when I'm gone, but I'm sure the camera will be gone as well if my truck gets broken into. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  10. I got the Super 44 and I like it a lot. You do get some drone in V4 mode, but for me it wasn't that noticeable. Before I got the AFM Disabler, I just rode it in M5 around town to stop it from going into V4. With the AFM disabler, you don't have to worry about it kicking into v4. This video is what got me to go with the Super 44.. I've brought my truck in twice to get service (first oil change and a follow up for my bed liner) and each time they asked what I put in and that they really like the sound of my truck.
  11. Auto-lock? That would be one feature I would not like to have or enable if it was an option in a car. Was the truck running and it still locked when you exited? My 06 TB won't let me lock the doors if it's open and it's running. I haven't tried with the truck yet. [emoji16] I keep my phone on me whenever I exit the truck and would just use the app to unlock the door if that happened. Plus my wife has the app on her phone as well for her account and we have both vehicles on there. So she can unlock it if she's not around and I need it unlocked. Maybe have it looked at if it starts being consistent. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  12. Unfortunately, it is connected to my email address. I sent the link to my wife and she opened it and it opened the link with my email that it was sent to already populated. What you could do is just push the onstar button and let them know you want to take advantage of the lower prices they are offering that ends June 30th. Or call 1.888.4ONSTAR per the email that I got:
  13. Same here, my basic is Active through Feb. 22, 2022. But I'm currently on the Security plan, which they just dropped to $14.99/month, was $24.99... they sent me an email for the new prices that was available until 6/30. If you just log in normal, that price doesn't show up. Well, it didn't for me, I had to go to the email they sent and click on the link in my email.
  14. Capless fuel fill

    All you needed was this. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  15. Ok, so I take it back. I did a reprint of "Fit to Page" and "Actual Size". Fit to Page was spot on. Actual Size, I had to move the copy a little to align the lines to match(had a light behind the paper to see the lines match up.. ), but was just a 'hair' off, and I mean, a hair off.. Guess either way, print it up and match to your tailgate before removing to see which one you prefer

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