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  1. I parked my truck over the weekend and when I started it on monday, the driver display lit up with service stabilitrak and service trailer brake system warnings. Cruise control is disabled and wont work, Im guessing by these errors. Do I need to see the dealer or is this just a loose sensor somewhere?
  2. Certainly, its called consumer fraud and deceptive marketing. You claim something in order to sell a product, then it better be true. Not many vehicles owners have the mindset or time to pursue things like this, but how great would it be if litigation resulted in all 2017 GMC owners receiving notice in the mail and getting a direct, hassle free replacement that actually works as advertised. Its not right that so many people get screwed because no one will take the time to address a legitimate issue. Consider that this topic has 32,000 viewings and growing and are mostly only Sierra owners, GM did this across the board on all 2017 models. Not everyone uses forums either. How many people across the US have gotten the short end of the stick here? Alot.
  3. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2017/11/general-motors-chevrolet-buick-gmc-cadillac-iphone-8-and-iphone-x-wireless-charging-compatibility/ "We dug deeper and found out that the charging pads on GM vehicles support both of the wireless charging standards: Qi and PowerMat. But it seems that GM’s implementation of Qi is not complete. Though we haven’t confirmed this, we assume that the incompatibility is the result of GM rushing the technology to market in order to be the first automaker to have cars with wireless charging. In doing so, it seems that the automaker used an early or incomplete spec of the Qi standard. Adding some insult to injury, it doesn’t appear that this is an issue that can be fixed with a software update. Instead, it’s a hardware limitation that will live on with the vehicles forever." Open the owners manual and you will see GMC claimed our vehicles were QI spec when sold. They then created an approved devices list to try and cover themselves retroactively at the beginning of 2018. GMC marketed our vehicles as Qi compatible but yet Apple has said they dont meet Qi compatibility standards. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208148 "The implementations of wireless charging in 2017 and earlier models from Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC do not meet the requirements for Qi certification. These models do not work with iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. " Class action litigation seems quite possible.
  4. Original 2017 module is part # 23248791. Revised 2017 module that was installed under warranty is part # 84162497. 2018 module I've been requesting is part # 13521066. The 2017 Escalade's are having the same problem and using 13521066 as their replacements as well. http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-escalade-esv-forum-2015/1009889-new-iphone-8-x-wont-charge-10.html
  5. Went to the dealer yesterday to have them install the revised 2017 module. Didn't fix anything, same exact situation. Will be calling GM customer care back and continuing to pursue this. Will continue to update here.
  6. Yeah, I got a laugh out of it because they're refusing to call it a 2018 module. They all specifically say "revised 2017 module", I'm guessing its a 2018 module with a 2017 harness/plug so they servicemen can easily replace. I will update after my appointment on Monday.
  7. Mine is being replaced this Monday under warranty. See above.
  8. Good news, just got a nice call from the dealership that the 2017 module has been revised to address the issue and they will be replacing it for me under warranty this Monday.
  9. You are right with regards to a safety recall, it should be a service bulletin to be specific. Its not about the $100 to me. Its about the fact they sold brand new trucks with the wireless charging feature that was under-engineered by any wireless charging standard, Ive never seen a single coil in ANY wireless charger device, and used it as a modern selling point and then act like its not their problem and try to create deniability with some "approved devices" list over a year later. And they know that they were faulty, because the very next year are putting in standard 3 coil devices that work as they should rather than more single coil dogshit ones. Its got me more heated than the wonderful seats set to high setting in our trucks.
  10. Phil let me know when you have an adapter available again. Whether I get a 2018 module out of pocket or under warranty this will definitely be replaced. This should honestly be a recall for our trucks, very dishonest to advertise something and to become aware it isn't working and then even try to cover it up with an "Approved Devices" list post date.
  11. Wanted to quote phil so he would see my request regarding harnesses.
  12. I called GM Customer Care 1-800-462-8782. I went to dealer and asked them to assess my wireless charging module as it has never worked for me, regardless of the phones used with or without cases, and both on and off of their approved list that was released January 2018. (Even though the truck was sold in 2017, so retroactively becoming selective with approved devices? Like lol, what?) They tested it and used EL-51755 Test Tool, a small tool that to my analysis is designed to sit a wireless receiver in just the right position completely flush with the charging mat in order to get a connection over the single coil, and which indicated the charging module was working properly. I then asked two of the service men who had approved phones to place their phones in the charging mat. Neither worked, with or without cases. I also walked them over to a 2018 same exact trim as mine, and had them replicate the process. The phones connected instantly, with or without cases and with plenty of variance in positioning. While they understood the situation they had to deny replacing the module with a 2018, as per their official testing it was working as intended. I informed them that while I understood they are following official process, there is clearly a valid issue at hand and would be contacting GM Customer Care. I called GM CC and gave a detailed description as above. Within 24 hours the agent assigned to my case returned my call, although I missed it. Since they are closed weekends I returned the call today, and re-explained my situation. The agent was friendly, understanding, and said he would contact my local dealer. Within 30 minutes a service man from my dealership called, said some GM department he wasn't familiar with was calling him telling him to approve "something with my phone". I returned this call within 15 minutes. Unfortunately this conversation was a bit deferring in nature, the guy was a bit belligerent in asking if my phone was on the approved devices list, and made some other hostile comments, basically presenting a "not my problem" and "this is how it is" attitude. He would be happy to replace it with a 2017 module, but when I specified 13521066 he got upset and stated to me that it was a 2018 part and as he told me before he couldn't order it. I told him I would prefer to contact GM CC and clarify things. I recontacted my agent at GM CC, updated him on the call with the dealer, and stated clearly that my intent is to have GMC provide for me, under warranty replacement, a 2018 module part # 13521066 and that I will install it myself as I am quite sure the servicemen would gripe about the harness plug being slightly different. I simply want my vehicle to function as advertised, and it is also well within the bumper to bumper warranty (which covers electronics). I will update as things progress.
  13. Does the steering wheel come on with seat heating or have a separate button?
  14. Interested but afraid of shipping costs... estimate to 96073? Thanks oh and are they green cats or regular?
  15. Going into the dealership today for them to examine wireless charger not functioning. Hopefully they will replace with 2018 unit under warranty as it has never worked for me.
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