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  1. If you unplug the headlight assembly the negative lead is the only 18 ga solid black wire going to the headlight connector and the positive that is hot when parking lights are turned on is the small guage solid purple wire going to the connector.
  2. Yes they are moveable but I think the photos make it look a bit compressed. I experimented with different spacing and this is what looked best to me in real life. But, to each his own
  3. Hey all...so I did this today...but first a little bit of background.. I have a new 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. Absolutely love this truck! But, I've been a bit obsessed about adding amber LEDs to the grille much like Ford Raptor's have. I've always liked amber cab marker lights on a pickup but there really is no easy way to add them to the Sierra 1500 short of drilling holes in the roof. So, I think the amber grille LEDs are a decent alternative. I wanted the install to look clean and factory so I did like a 3 month search for the right lights that would fit with little modification. I wound up settling on some motorcycle amber LED fork accent lights that fit the spaces in the Denali grille perfectly. I was able to mount and wire the individual units without removing the grille which was a huge time saver. I wired the three units in parallel and tapped the driver side headlight assembly wiring harness for power when the parking lights are on. If anyone is interested, I'm happy to give more installation details. Pics below... Amber LEDS installed just above GMC badge in existing grille spaces Closeup of LED units..they are in a chrome plated plastic frame Grille LEDs lit with parking lights turned on in daylight Grille LEDs lit in daylight, side view Grille LEDs at dusk with headlights on. (Much better in person!)
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