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  1. I got teased pretty good for adding the roll bar and lights to my '14, but I like it, so I don't care. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  2. So I found the correct pins, but dang if couldn't find a diode anywhere within a 30 miles of my place, so I'll have to order some. I did try it out with a jumper wire and the theory works, just need a diode so I can get it to work how I want. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for that, I'll give it a go today. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  4. Make sure it's dark out? In a similar thought to wiring up the cargo lights to the reverse lights, which is btw, an awesome idea and I might do it if I can't figure out the way I really want to fix them. Is there a way I can do a diode jumper from the cargo lights to the interior lights? I want the cargo lights to come on with the interior lights, but not vice versa. Just like the way they used to on older trucks. I don't have access to wiring diagrams and I don't know where to look other than under the dash like has been described before. Any help? Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  5. I have the S&B intake on mine, works very well, pretty easy to install too.
  6. Since no one wants chrome (don't blame anyone, I don't want chrome either) I painted the factory steps I had in bedliner and put them back on. We'll see how they hold up.
  7. Painted the factory chrome tube steps with bedliner material.
  8. Got the factory tube steps covered in bedliner and reinstalled them on my '14 after a good wash.
  9. Anyone have a set of the black tube steps (round or square) they would like to trade? I have the round chrome ones and want steps, but not shiny ones.
  10. I live in Salt Lake and go to Moab a couple times a year to do group runs on some of the crazier trails in my 99 Yukon, but I'm always down for easier trails anytime.
  11. Damage minus the snow Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  12. Kid is ok, just really bummed out about it. His plastic Corolla looks far worse. My bumper didn't even move, just the wrinkle in the bed and a broken taillight housing.
  13. Gotta love a good bumper though, tore his Corolla up and my bumper didn't budge.
  14. I did this to my truck today: Well, my landlord's grandkid did this to my truck today...
  15. I installed an oil type filter in my truck, yet I've no such issues. Nor have I ever had issues with the oiled K&N filter replacement on my 99 Yukon. I'd find a different dealer.

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