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  1. Hi All- I still don't have this forum figured out.....where to post, etc....but I NEVER found any posts from someone who did this exact upgrade. I wanted to go from the factory small power-fold mirror to the camping power-fold mirror. From my research My truck had two strikes against it: 1. My Silverado is a "Non-Flint" truck, so assembled in Mexico. There is a GM document out there that says don't do it- potential vibration and fusing concerns 2. It was a 2014. This was a little better, as it was just missing more wires. So looong story short, I bought new factory GM chrome power-fold mirrors, camping. There are MANY part numbers out there for the same mirrors- they have been superceeded. I then got with Pgamboa on this board and ordered my harnesses- one for each door and one for RZY Harness. I did he install myself- took my time, spent about a day and a half. "Figuring out" all the clips, locations, and how to remove/install the new electrical pins was the most time consuming, but nothing was hard. So with all the warning and such, I was worried about electrical issues, options on the lights not working, needing to go and fight with the dealer to reporogram, vibration, etc.....I am pleased to share that I had NO ISSUES whatsoever-! All the lights work (I did add the diode so the LEDs turn on in reverse), powerfold works- even with the FOB. NO DEALER reprogram needed. So find PGAMBOA and his posts if you are doing this upgrade. I love the mirrors!
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