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  1. I know I will catch some crap for it but I am one of the guys who dont like ethanol if I can help it. The shelf life of ethanol-free gas for long term storage is way better so I usually fill my truck and gas cans up at the same time. Years ago I found a site that shows who is ethanol-free and usually try to get it from a place on the list. https://www.pure-gas.org/
  2. I have the Extang Soild Fold 2.0 and it's the best cover out. In rain, snow, car wash I might get a few drops but nothing major. I would never get a soft cover again. Tried to save $400 by not getting the Extang the first time and it bit me in the ass. Not only does it stay dry but is also more secure. I took my wife to the outlets one day and decided we had a lot of bags and I would drop some off. After finishing up and getting on the highway about 30 minutes later something felt weird almost like a strap flapping in the wind. Getting out to check on it I noticed someone had taken a knife/boxcutter to it and stole everything that was inside the bed. Go hard cover or dont even get one. I found that amazon had the cheapest price and it was at my home in 2 days.
  3. My wax coating was crap to begin with. I bought some por15 in a rattle can and sprayed the frame before I did krown. I used 4 cans and spent about 2 hours with a wire brush knocking major chunks off.Frame looks brand new if not better than factory. This is all after I used the warranty and complained the wax was peeling.
  4. I moved from Colorado about 7 years ago to Ontario. Brought both of my vehicles with me, one a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the other was a 2007 GMC Sierra. The Jeep was Krowned and looked the same as the day I brought it up here. The GMC however was Rust Checked and started rusting the same year I had it sprayed. Mind you both of these vehicles had never seen salt only gravel. I also understand two different company's and two years apart but I would say do the Krown and you wont regret it. I Just did my 2014 last month and if you are a CAA member I think its around 10% off and they also have coupons online at random times that you can also use. My father in-law has a 1984? (I think) C10 that has zero rust on it and Krowns it every 3 years. For about $130 you cant really go wrong and I think if its done within first year of purchase they warranty any rust if you do it yearly.
  5. You could always look on Craigslist and see if anyone is selling the OEM rubber floor. I was looking for tow mirrors and stumbled upon a guy selling his rubber/vinyl floor for $100. There have been a few popping up here and there if you don't mind the work of throwing them in.
  6. Before I wash it I usually spray a rag with WD40 lightly and most wipe right off. Have a few I have to scrape with my fingernail after but majority come off.Iron X is good for the rail dust but it wont really help with the spots. I have 4 cars in the driveway and for some reason the bugs like to hang out on the white truck and leave all other vehicles alone.
  7. It's actually fly shit! My Summit White really shows all the dots around July and August.
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