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  1. If you don't have a trailer hooked up, then I'd suspect moisture/water in the 7-way connector or in the under body connector. Spray some WD-40 in the connector to dry it out and see if that works.
  2. Does the original sales order list the mirror upgrade specifically as DQS or power folding tow mirrors? If so, then they have the obligation to provide them. If so, then I'd demand that the dealership have the parts department purchase the mirrors and either hand them to me or have them installed. I'm not sure who ADI is or why they're involved. I assume that they're a third party installer contracted by the dealership to perform sales addons. I bet they ordered the wrong mirrors and now don't want to be stuck with them.
  3. 2) If you've already made the deal on the DQS mirrors, they should provide them and not charge you any more. I still think you're way better off having them physically install the DQS mirrors that they promised and give you the harnesses. It's really easy to remove the door panels and swap the harnesses. Watch Phil's video a few times and follow it and you won't have any problems and I promise you won't break anything. Pick up a set of trim tools from a local auto parts store.
  4. I also notice that Sirius drops a lot more in my Sierra than it does in the dw's Acadia or than it did in the Ram. It's definitely a radio issue and not a satellite service issue. I don't think these systems buffer the signal like others do, so they drop immediately upon losing signal.
  5. Tow Mirrors Dilema

    No matter which mirror you go with, you're going to have to remove the door panel, so you might as well go for the gusto. I was a little apprehensive about removing the door panel due to issues from previous vehicles, but these GM door panels are extremely to remove and replace. especially if you remove them like Phil shows in his mirror video. There was no problem with the panels on my truck. I went to a local part store and go a plastic trim removal tool kit to prevent and scratches and they worked great. As I said in an above post. If I were doing it again, I'd go with the power everything. I'd even get the 1A Auto mirrors and send them to Phil to modify and install them. Once I let a little time go by, I may do that anyway.
  6. Tow Mirrors Dilema

    They say that hind sight is 20/20, and I got the dealer to add non-power fold tow mirrors. Knowing what I know now, I'd buy the tow mirrors from 1A auto. and have them sent to Phil for the customization. I'd have had the dealer install something else. I highly recommend reading the thread about adding the Tow Mirror Upgrade and go with the 1A mirrors. You won't regret it.
  7. I'd definitely be interested, especially if I could keep the factory backup camera as is, and have the fifth camera high mounted to see into the bed. It would be helpful in hooking up the fifth wheel.
  8. Take a look over in the 2014-2017 DL8 DL3 Towing Mirror Upgrade Mirrors Explained thread. I'm sure Phil can hook you up with what you need to get them to work with the factory switch.
  9. WDH Setup Question

    If your hitch has built in sway control, there's the reason you need it. Looks to me like 5 links is the magic number. If you tilt the head to make the bars level, then you'll need to adjust that, but getting both front and back to settle the same (or not settle) is the goal.
  10. Take a look at this thread Mirrors Explained. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think Phil has helped some WT owners get power mirrors to work.
  11. Did read in the link you posted that the connector pictured in the thread was the wrong connector? Or is the connector you have the one on post #3? Does the connector shown below that's plugged into the back of the 7-way look like the connector you're seeing? Can you post a picture of your connector?
  12. I'll be putting mine in the mail tomorrow. We all need to be sure to send the harnesses back. Even people who have had the dealers change them. You should have gotten the original harnesses back and it would do people in the future a good turn if you would send them to Phil. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
  13. You won't get any voltage on the brake connector with just a test light. The controller is looking for a load (the magnets) on the circuit before it senses a trailer being connected. So you either have to simulate the load or actually hook a trailer up to it in order for the controller to sense it and apply power to the circuit. Since the controller isn't even recognizing a trailer being connected now, I'd suggest hooking up to a different trailer and seeing if it works on it. If you don't have access to another trailer then I'd suggest having a friend hook their truck the your trailer and see if their controller senses the trailer brakes. If you have one close to you, it would probably be worth taking the truck to a utility trailer place and see if they'll test the controller and maybe even the trailer for you.

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