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  1. Definitely get the warranty work done. I had mine (2014 Sierra) greased/lubed/cleaned/packed full of grease 3 times before they finally replaced them. Then the noise came back after about 4 months, soooo I just ended up with the rubber between mine. No noise at all after that and it has been a year or so.
  2. Driver's Seat Sqeaking

    I had my tracks replaced and it solved the issue. Has not returned in 20,000+ miles
  3. Those are the exact instructions that I followed and install looks the exact same.
  4. I figure once a year to not have to hear that damn clunk, clank, and pop is not a big deal.
  5. I did redo the rubber. It was not worn out, had a couple minuscule tears in it but otherwise it was good to go. I had no noises like I had before. I just did it as "maintenance"
  6. I did this as well. I put about 14000 miles on the truck this year and just redid them. Honestly they could have just stayed but I did it for peace of mind.
  7. Fan speed with Phone Call?

    My 2014 does it as well. Just went out and tested it. I guess I never noticed it before but that is a pretty cool feature
  8. Mine does it but only when it is hot as hell outside, living in Mississippi that is often. It is always one audible pop and then that is it. Although I will say just about every car I have had down here in the South has done it once summer comes around.
  9. Zone 4.5

    Great looking truck man.
  10. Zone 4.5

    I second this. I am looking into the Zone 4.5
  11. Glad he is ok. I wonder if he is going to fall in love with the truck and want to do a trade! Maybe that was the dealer's thought process all along haha
  12. Bestop Powerboard Questions

    I found the wired in AMP ones. I think I will be going with them. I agree with not drilling into my truck. I will find a way through existing wiring. Thank you for the help fellas
  13. I ran a couple searches but could not come back with any reviews on the Bestop Powerboards. I have seen positive and negative online, about as much as I have for the AMP Research boards. I do not want to plug into the OBD-II port to control them so I was looking at Bestop since their boards are wired in and seem to run around $1,050 shipped. If anyone has had any experience with these first hand could you let me know your thoughts? Thank you!
  14. Black paint swirls

    I am in the same boat rowing with you. I have had mostly black vehicles over the years and have always been able to keep them pretty swirl/scratch free. This GMC is the thinnest paint and clear I think I have ever seen. When I get in the buying line again silver is what I want to go with.
  15. The highway vibrations could very well be a warped rotor. I had some vibrations in my Mustang up around 70-80mph and turned out to be a warped front rotor, slightly warped but warped none the less.

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